3DMark DirectX 12 API Performance Is 1300% Than DirectX 11

DirectX 12 is truly shaping up to be the API that will release the untapped horsepower of today's graphics cards. 3DMark recently released a DirectX 12 vs DirectX 11 vs Mantle benchmarking software.

The results are stunning, to say the least.

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corroios1354d ago

What would games look a like if the PS4 or the Xbox One were powered by an R9 290X or the Nvidia GTX Titan X???? That is the question?

Uncharted 4 or Halo 5? it would be crazy. We could only dream....

I know that consoles must be cheap to reach to all gamers, but...

thrust1354d ago

If you want that you get gaming PC!

Plus if the consoles did come with them gfx cards they would cost over £1000 to buy!

Which at that price gaming PC all the way heck it's gaming PC all the way now what I am saying!

Kingthrash3601354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

If he wants halo 5 or uncharted get a gaming pc?????????????
Lol I kid I kid... but this has me thinking of getting a gaming pc.....they just cost too much for me at the moment.

TheRedButterfly1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

@1.1 The mistake with this argument is that the only two titles that OP listed aren't available on PC. And that's what he's hypothetically excited about.

He isn't excited about the GPU itself - but instead what affect a top-of-the-line GPU would have on Uncharted 4 or Halo 5.

If he wanted to see what it would do to, say, Metro or The Witcher, we'll see those benchmarks and we'll all bask in its gloriousness. BUT, and it's a big but, it doesn't matter how gorgeous a game is if it isn't the game you want to play. Arma III can be the best looking FPS on the market, but it isn't Halo, so I don't really care what affect a TitanX has on it.

This is why I am (mostly) a console gamer -- because the games I want to play are exclusive to consoles. Sure, I have an enthusiast-grade rig, but I spend most days on my Xbox One or 3DS/Wii U. And when Star Citizen comes out, you best bet I'll be putting my 780ti to work. But until then...

Testfire1354d ago

@kingthrash, buying a gaming PC can be cheap and easy if you do it right. First decide on what components you want and make sure that they'll play together nice. Then just keep an eye out for deals and pick up 1 or 2 components at a time. I shopped through Newegg, Amazon and Fry's Electronics and EBay picking up components only when they were at rock bottom prices or had crazy good rebates. Black Friday is also one of the best times to shop. It seems intimidating, but for budget oriented people this is the best way to go.

GMR_PR1354d ago

"The AMD R9 290X managed to speed up an astounding 1300% in the 3DMark API test. Mantle score is 1200% that of DirectX 11 API score, whereas DirectX 12 API score takes the lead."

This new APIs are a beast. 1300% increase is a really big number.

ElementX1354d ago

It would be pretty pointless because you don't need that much power to display at 60hz 1080p.

Genova841354d ago

With other advancements that can be made in a game: draw distance, pov slider, draw calls, active npcs, ubersampling, hairworks, tressfx, etc. you can bet that horsepower is going to be used to make amazing looking dx12 titles that will makes dx11 titles look like ps2 games in comparison. And those games will primarily run at 1080p, 60hz.

ElementX1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

A good graphics card today can run most games on max settings at 1080p and get over 60fps. A Titan X or 290X with DX12 would run games at much higher fps and be overkill on a 60hz tv. Those cards would be good at higher resolutions or with monitors supporting higher refresh rates but not in a console connected to a TV.

Bigpappy1354d ago

You do know that there are plenty TV's at 240Hz right? I know you know this. Just thought I would remind you, because most of what you are saying is correct.

ElementX1354d ago

Those 240hz TVs create frames to make motion look smoother, however they don't input 240hz. I personally don't like the fake motion look and disable it on my TV. Furthermore, the consoles output a 60hz signal

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NuggetsOfGod1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Who cares about titan? R9 390x is about to kick some green arse till it's red.

Titans bandwidth sucks in comparison.

Gddr is on it's way out this year.

Dx12/Vulkan, HBM waterfall of grace is showering us pc gamers!

A droplet rolls from our brow from the heavens and xbox gamers drink from it and thank the cloud saviour.

PlayStation gamers use interpolation to double it and make extra soup from it.

A sub master race is born and the earth is renamed.

All is well on the little big planet.

3-4-51354d ago

Won't all translate to Extreme mega realistic graphics, as it's Performance based.

So some of it could be allowing a ton more awesome things happening while staying in 1080p + 60+ FPS, or we could get much more realistic lighting...

Good news either way.

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kraenk121354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

PC people rejoice! Finally the better optimized architecture of consoles is coming to PCs. This won't do much for consoles though as their APIs are already pretty much low level optimized but as a multiplatform gamer who just recently bought a 970 I am surely getting excited.

GMR_PR1354d ago

Even if it does a 200% increase on consoles, I would consider it a win. Any gain in performance is welcome.

kraenk121354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Even 200% is completely unrealistic. 20-30% more is more like it given the consoles' APUs. Like I said, the Direct3D versions on X1 and OpenGL on PS4 feature already a lot of low level optimizations DX11 doesn't have.

Pandamobile1354d ago

200% increase on consoles is a complete pipe dream. You're looking at 20-30% max.

GMR_PR1353d ago

20-30% still great. I'll take it.

Gilgamesh151354d ago

Remain calm, no one mentioned consoles (X1 is what you really meant). Wait, you just did, nice job. Getting really goddamn tired of "It won't do much for X1" comments. Clearly not as much as PC, but Dx12 will help the X1 more than you wish to believe.

kurruptor1354d ago

Wow 1300% from DX12. 300% from the CLOUD.

X1 is going to be 3900% more powerful than PS4.

kraenk121354d ago

I'm sure we will read shit like this soon enough on here ;D

kurruptor1354d ago

It just cost me a bubble :(

Dread1354d ago

Dont ever say that the xbox could possibly be better in any way than the plasytation 4 if u want to keep ur bubbles, even if your kidding.

GMR_PR1354d ago

"It just cost me a bubble :("

That's because your comment is trollish. You troll you lose.


Lol people don't understand sarcasm on this site :/

MasterCornholio1354d ago

Shame that it isn't over 9000%!!!!!


phoenixwake1354d ago

You should include this comment with your resume when applying to Microsoft's marketing team.

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DougLord1354d ago

1st this is just draw calls not in game performance, so your 290x or Titan X won't suddenly be 10x better. Secondly it will have the EXACT same effect on Xone regardless of what the Sony army of pretend graphics experts say. This has NOTHING to do with "coding to the metal" this has to do with allowing calls to be initiated by all cores instead of core 1. This, plus the ESRAM optimizations will likely lead to 10%-30% improvement in framerates and/or Rez. Instead of trying to poop on Xone owners you should be asking Sony what they are doing to get the same benefit. I'm not claiming this is secret sauce that the PS4 can't do too. They might just be a year behind.

ziggurcat1354d ago


Actually, DX12 is not going to have the same effect at all on xbone:

Brad Wardell:

And this article has got nothing to do with xbone, eSRAM or even the PS4. It's a PC article. Not everything DX12 Is related to xbone, and that's the major problem - too many people are assuming that any discussion about DX12 is also about xbone.

kurruptor1354d ago

Oh wow that is so funny. X1 fanboys keep quoting him all the time saying he is the only one who has experiencing with DX12 and is the only thing we should believe.

He straight up just said they're wrong.

Bigpappy1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Amazing how people were saying he is not credible, but now they pull one of his lines from twitter to try and discredit a sensible argument.
But he sad this 2 days ago:

In short, what DougLord is not made any less relevant by those one liners. The one lines are just saying the gains are not the same as PC. What DougLord is saying matches exactly what Brad Wardell said. PC FPS gains are over 300%. DougLord is only talking 20-30% gains for X1. You Zealous are trying to spin what he said because you know he has 1 bubble. Shameful!

There are video cards out there that use DDR3 and are still seeing very high gains. They don't even use ESRAM. If I were you guys on PS4 or X1 side of the war, I would just wait until There is a bench mark for X1, or some DX12 game are shown. There will be no 1300% gains on Xbox, but there will be excellent gains. Xbox and PC's use similar hardware. Even phones and tablets will gain from DX12.

windblowsagain1354d ago

This is fps,lol.

It's just draw calls.

People on guru3d have already run the test on a host of hardware.

Drawcalls do increase on dx12, higher then mantle. But fps in the test are only 1-2fps different.

People will have to wait for a real game comparison at same settings on d11,mantle,dx12 at same settings etc.

Chanogram1354d ago

There arent any games that are out that are actually built for DX12. Devs and MS has said multiple times that games have to be BUILT to take advantage of the DX12 benefits. This would obviously explain your 1-2 fps increase, as they arent testing real DX12 games. The real tests will come later this year or early next year when some games come out that are designed DX12 on PC (where we can actually benchmark them).

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