Gamespot E3 '08: Mirror's Edge Updated Impressions

Gamespot writes: "You won't see a game that looks like Mirror's Edge anywhere here at E3. The DICE-developed first person action game has a futuristic feel and an austere presentation that makes it instantly appealing, and an intriguing premise that amps up the pace. DICE developers were on-stage today during the EA E3 press conference to show off a brief tour of the game which has our fingers itching to play as soon as possible.

Located in a futuristic looking setting, Mirror's Edge stars Faith, a courier who, because of the heavily monitored nature of communications in the game's city--delivers crucial information the old fashioned way--in person. As you quickly find out, Faith is a master of movement--and movement is the star of Mirror's Edge; from leaping rooftops in a single vertigo-inducing bound, to climbing up drainage pipes on the sides of buildlings, or briefly wall-running in order to cross a gap between two structures, you (as Faith) can do things you might never even think of trying in a different game."

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