Gamekult review: Bloodborne

As the credits roll, Bloodborne leaves you with an impression of creative genius, despite obvious design issues. It is probably one of From Software's best titles, even though like its forebears, it shows technical deficiencies that do not necessarily fit with the flag bearer status Sony has bestowed upon the game.
A shining jewel, Bloodborne impresses thanks to its command of level design, and the boldness of its sights and sounds. The Japanese studio has streamlined the formula, altering both its logic and pacing, ratcheting up the tension to a level never before seen in Action RPG combat, while maintaining its dedication to a sense of effort and reward.

-Phenomenal art direction
-Epic soundtrack
-Intoxicating combat system
-Boss fights for the ages
-Inventive level design
-Very replayable
-Still merciless

-Load times
-Targetting system has some failings
-NPCs are not as compelling as in previous games
-Unstable framerate
-Coop access is buried too deep

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