Sony's PlayStation 4 made gaming better for millions of people with one simple menu

The screen at the top of this story doesn't look like much. It's a simple interface that allows you to swap any one button on the Dual Shock 4 for any other button. It's a screen that makes gaming a much better place.

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THC CELL1522d ago

It is a great feature I used it on battlefield last night turning r2 l2 to r1 l1 I felt I had better reflects. Anyways great and I can see it been patched eg put in battlefield and it will load that remapped profile

Soulscare1522d ago

...Dude you could always switch L/R2 to L/R1 in Battlefield.

THC CELL1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Mate don't pee in my wind. Theres other games that don't feature bf options. I was trying it out.

miyamoto1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

This is what happens if you prioritize games and gamers first more than any other thing in your platform
and not spend millions of $$$ on lobbying for cable networks in Hollywood and non gaming related BS on your console.

TheNemesis5011522d ago

glad they added this for the vita too, now I can play shadow of mordo and dragonage:I with out spaming the back touch screen.

Gamer19821522d ago

Its great for remote play on vita first and foremost as using that screen for r2 and l2 isn't easy and fluid.

xX1NORM1Xx1522d ago

That is so cool I hope we see it on all consoles it's about time company's started letting us use our controllers how we want u can do all this on PC for years so it's good consoles are getting this feature, might even help those with disabilities or injuries play games easier good job Sony

xabmol1522d ago

Been waiting for this since the SNES. 'Bout damn time, I say!

Lord_Sloth1522d ago

Truly a feature that never should have left gaming was the ability to customize buttons.

Fro_xoxo1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

that is actually a very big deal.

Awesome feature.

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