Bloodborne: Users Discover a Way to Adjust In-Game Difficulty Using Insight

GearNuke: "Bloodborne can be very hard or easy for you depending on how you try to play it. Since the game has no difficulty option like most other games, everyone plays at the same difficulty level. However, you might not know about it but this difficulty can be adjusted by the players in-game."

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Duke191514d ago

Pretty awesome find - I'm all for these games being as brutally hard as possible (something about the sense of accomplishment from finally beating the boss that killed you about 20 times)

but accessibility for more players is not a bad thing

TheRedButterfly1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

The sense of accomplishment that Demon's Souls/Dark Souls/now Bloodborne provide (I assume. I haven't played it yet.) is practically unrivaled. There's a certain "membership feel" that you get when you finish the game. A "I'm good enough to power through and be part of the Dark Souls /Club/" feel...

My crowning achievement so far? "The Dark Soul - All achievements completed. Congratulations!"

100%ing a Souls game... There's nothing quite like that. Can't wait for DS2 to come to 8th gen so I can give it another go. (DS2 released in an awkward 'transition period' for me, so it didn't get the attention it deserved.)

Edit: spelling

FullmetalRoyale1514d ago

I remember back when I beat the Cleric Beast, there were messages from players and whatnot on the other end. I remember it really driving the fact home that any ghost I see of another player, or messages from them meant they had gone through everything I had up until that point.
It just feels like I'm not in it alone, even though I am.

Palitera1514d ago

A hunter is never alone.

AliTheSnake11514d ago

I have not played the game, but I want to.
Can someone tell me what Insight is without spoiling much.

ziggurcat1514d ago


Insight is just a consumable that you can use to summon people to help you or buy items in a particular "store."

XBLSkull1514d ago

I felt like enemies were getting harder because of insight even though I only have 6, didn't seem like i needed to hit 15 but maybe im just imagining they are harder.

mikeslemonade1514d ago

Dammit I thought that somehow raises your attributes. Cause it says you gain hunter's knowledge or something.

MazzingerZ1513d ago

I only played DS, not Dark Souls due to lack of time, however, like you write, the club/brother-ship feeling was there. The design of the online gave players really no more option than cooperate with each others mostly. It was great to get a message afterwards praising your effort and help after a boss battle when summoning other players or get protected from an invader by more powerful players. I will find time for Bloodborne.

joab7771508d ago

Unfortunately, 100% BB won't be near the accomplishment that DS was. I remember almost 3 perfect playthroughs for it.

Now, it can easily be done in 1 playthrough. I wish it had required objects that didn't appear until ng+ etc, or complete all chalice dungeons in standard.

Only b/c this is the type of game that gives satisfaction for simply beating it. Thats enough for most. The plat should have been something much, much harder...add insane replayability for those that dare.

Instead, it will be platinum ed by many more than have platinum ed any previous games.

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DEEBO1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Damn i got 29 insight and was about to add more.

Not now after reading this.
Wow i just got ran out of the city of unseen by those crazy women and a giant monster with a raybeam and crazy village people.

Time to spend some insight i can't handle it by my self.

JoGam1514d ago

I dont have tge game yet but is this a cheat or its a game feature?

joab7771508d ago

I didn't want to spend insight b/c I wanted to see all the changes but I also wanted to buy everything. Oh well, try it on ng+.

mhunterjr1514d ago

That's actually a pretty neat way to handle enemy scaling in a game.

maybelovehate1514d ago

Probably a stupid question haha, but how do you control insight?

Genova841514d ago

Buy stuff at the pool right outside where you upgrade your weapon in hunter's dream or ring your beckoning bell.

SpinalRemains1381514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

I thought it was just that enemies get different attacks or weapons based on your progress, not insight.

Same trigger as what causes NPCs to move, or the appearance of those dead guys who first bring you to Hordrid Gaol or Unseen Village.

Is this confirmed for sure? The insight = difficulty?

My scythe guys currently wield bolt attacks and my insight is 20. I'm going to use 6 insight and confirm

Master-H1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Word/Character tendency 2.0, so it seems. Merged with the humanity counter from DS.

assdan1514d ago

I thought it meant that it was a glitch. I guess that feature was trying to do something like world tendency from Demon's souls, which I kind of miss, but I understand why it's gone.

rdgneoz31514d ago

World tendency was fun in Demon's Souls, though a bit of a pain when you were working towards 100% light or dark and playing online messed it up at times.

assdan1514d ago

Yeah, I agree, I just always thought it was a cool idea that games don't usually try.

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