Rumor Killer: FFVII Remake Is NOT Coming

Sev of PlayStation Lifestyle says,

"While, I CAN confirm something having to do with FFVII will be announced soon, I also have received the bad news that a FFVII remake is NOT the secret that has been rumored all around the net.

Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news, especially with the recent announcement of FFXIII not being PS3 exclusive any longer. I am sure you all know that I wish I was confirming it right now.

Anyways. Hopefully, I have some more info that I can actually talk about by the end of E3."

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Ogrekiller3967d ago

something to do with the movie remake.

vegnadragon3967d ago

Yes, probably the ff7 advent children complete.

Homicide3967d ago

Maybe it's a sequel to Dirge of Cerberus. The secret ending leaves some possibilities for it.

Kaneda3967d ago

This is not even a reliable source, unless it is coming from Sony or SE..

RevN8r3967d ago

Tracked by 0, ignored by 18 - you think someone's going to listen to what you have to say? Look at the PlayStationLifeStyle site, check out some of their rumors (which this is btw, and it's posted as such), you'll find they're fairly reliable.

thesummerofgeorge3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

accidental post. ignore.

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solidjun53967d ago

he's a good source of information. He doesn't bullshit like gamesblow. Anyway, I hope it's something to make up for the ff13 news...but I doubt it.

RevN8r3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

People don't know that they should trust PSLS yet, but their stories are right on - most of the time.

UnSelf3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

so now what guys?

vs XIII it is? i mean i can live wit that...thats not bad at all

Rythrine3967d ago

This will be the first time I hope you're wrong Sev. No offense, bro. I know you're reliable but I still hope you're wrong.

Omegasyde3967d ago

Thanks, and while your at it please confirm Chrono Trigger remake coming to the PSP as well ;)

Perhaps Sony should Cash out on the 10% of Square Enix, for say rights to Final Fantasy 7?

Sev3967d ago

@ Rythrine

I hope I am wrong too, but this source is 100% reliable. Never has been wrong.

PikkonX3967d ago

I was told that the PS1 game would be coming to PSN, but no remake would be announced later today.

Rythrine3967d ago

Damn, that's sad then. :)

StalkingSilence3966d ago

glad you all like the site - sev keeps it up and is a good source

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INehalemEXI3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

This is not the phoenix down I need. Sony needs to get realistic and secure Squeenix AAA teams next project be the FF7 remake/Sequel Price should be no object. They should be fighting for this like brazilian mud wrestlers. Down and dirty.

ISA_Scum3967d ago

Full-Life at this point wouldn't even save me right now. My Auto-Life failed in the face of Microsoft's financial bullying.

kewlkat0073967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Go to the nearest Inn and rest, wake up tomorrow and maybe this is was all a dream..

Don't forget to buy some Mega Elixirs...

INehalemEXI3967d ago

Only the power of holy could save the planet now...

FantasyStar3967d ago

You see how much Megaelixers are price at? I'm not made of Gil!

What we need to undo this is a small STRIKE team, a pack of C4, and a light-recon vehicle to Redmond, WA

ISA_Scum3967d ago

I'm thinking FFVI psycho Cyan glitch could work, or maybe vanish doom? That could take care of the MS problem.

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Overr8ed3967d ago

FF 7 is going to be remade!!!! =)

Bill Gates3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )


"Shut UP!!!
FF 7 is going to be remade!!!! =)"

I swear I cannot stop laughing at this....AHHAHHAHHAHHAHA

@SonySoldierEternaL below

I'm terribly sorry that that's all you use to hear from your daddy every night before he "tucked" you in. You may want to seek some help for that, BABOON......AHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHH AHAHHA

pwnsause3967d ago

bill is on our side, its just a funny comment lol

TheColbertinator3967d ago

So you (the writer of this article) dont believe an FF7 remake is coming and YOU HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA THAT FF13 WAS COMING TO THE 360.Shut the hell up and go back to doing your damn job.You know nothing of the industry and you should give your job to me.I find info with my ears to the ground chump.

If Final Fantasy 7 is remade,I will give everyone in this website tickets to my show and a free car just like Oprah did.Your move Square Enix.

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