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Meticulously designed for a very specific hardcore audience, Bloodborne is a marvel along those parameters. But if you're the type of player looking for a way to unwind through a game, look the other way.

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miyamoto1520d ago

So many casual gamers reviewing a hardcore game.

Fireseed1520d ago

Ikr? I bet he doesn't even wear Depends for his gaming sessions. Filthy casual. /s

starchild1520d ago

So should only fans of these games review them?

Septic1520d ago

Yup and they have to be super hardcore players too. Virginity secured and all...

AstroCyborg1519d ago

yeah thats how reviews are done as is

windblowsagain1520d ago

I think this is a good review.

There will be many that have the time and patience to play it and get everything from it, Some will try it and get fed up and not play any more.

So many games seem to be too hard or too easy.

Take the order 1886. One of the easiest games I've ever played, good story but enemies are canon fodder.

Still a good game but difficulty was lacking and too much hand holding.

I do not have bloodborne yet, have watched streams and basic enemies seem easier then souls games and big bosses although a challenge, have more a method to kill them.

remixx1161520d ago

Well from personal experience its harder than dark souls 2, and just as unforgiving as the rest of the series.

Der_Kommandant1520d ago

"basic enemies seem easier then souls games"

Oh you're so wrong! enemies are faster, even those the size of a house, and those werewolves...

traumadisaster1520d ago

Good points, but on the combat with bosses you said seemed more of a method which is true of all the games but when watching someone else who already knows the method is the key.

Part of the frustration is the time it takes dieing while discovering the method. Once you figure out how then it seems easy.

I have to be in the mood for a game like this and helps to have a partner taking turns.

itsjustexuma1520d ago

This is the hardest game I've ever played but somehow once that doll stood up it became my favorite RPG game of all time

MasterCornholio1520d ago

So your soul might be mended.

So your soul might be mended.

Theres a reason why you like the doll.

parentsbasement1520d ago

I got it from gamefly yesterday not really knowing anything about it ... I didn't last too long , not saying there is anything wrong with it , just not my kinda game....