Kotaku Interview: Catching Up On Microsoft's Big Announcements

Kotaku writes: "After Microsoft's presser, Adam and I hit the floor to talk to Matt Barlow, general marketing manager for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment biz, about the announcements - we talked the new Xbox 360 user interface and the avatars, asked how Lips will work, and whether he thinks Final Fantasy XIII will help the company's console penetration in Japan."

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name3967d ago

How is it gonna help them in japan when it isn't even coming out in Japan

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-3967d ago

That's wat they want U to think. It's been done soley to save the 360 in NA and Europe.

vasilisk3967d ago

Everybody knows that Japan is where FFXIII is going to move consoles. In NA it was going to move nothing (look at GTA and then tell me it will be a system seller) and certainly not the amount of money that MS paid for that. They did it just to hurt PS3's image. In europe it will move consoles but by judging how the x360 is currently selling in Europe, I would say that the majority will be PS3s and not x360s...