Sony files Patent for a new Motion Sensing Device

Looks like Sony is taking the 'motion-sensitivity' feature of their next-gen machine, the Playstation 3, to new heights. A patent has been filed for a new input device that allows the players to target a certain point in the 3-Dimensional much like the Wii-mote, by using a sender-portion and a receiver-portion structure, the space within which will provide certain interactivity based on the input received by the processing unit in the receiver portion.

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Antan4335d ago

but the patent is dated May 2005? this could also rubbish claims that Sony copied Nintendo in the use of motion sensing in the controller? maybe.

MicroGamer4335d ago

Nintendo had to have been working on the Wiimote long before May 2005 if they wanted to get it out by December 2006. Research, design, testing and prototyping takes a few years at least.

CyberSentinel4335d ago

To bad consumers can't put a rootkit on the PS3 to prevent them from stealing. Take them to court Mario. Do to them, like they did to Lik-Sang.

specialguest4335d ago

Nintendo did not invent motion sensing. get your facts straight and educate yourself yah clown.

EnforcerOfTheTruth4335d ago

...Sony didn't copy Nintendo cause they put the patent way before Nintendo went public about Wii ;-)

combatant4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Come up with your own innovative things for your concole, sony. like the amazing eye toy! I just can't stand how sony can never have a leg down. once microsoft had the "xbox 360 button" sony put one on theirs. once motion sensing was announced for the wii, sony made the six axis. download movies with 360, now sony announces the same thing.
Reporter: I heard xbox 360 can render amazing graphics and wipe your a$$.

Sony: Yea, well PS3 can also flush...and clean your toilet.

Karibu4334d ago

That boomerang already had 'guide' button, before there was even first picture of x360 pad.
You're sayin Sony made motion sensing contrller in mere weeks after Wii controller?? That's not even possible before all testing and stuff.
They announced downloadable movies way before X360 had that feature. Sony has big movie studios and rights to many many movies so it's pretty stupid from you to think they didn't think a way to profit from them with PS3.