AMD R9 290X As Fast As Titan X in DX12 Enabled 3DMark – 33% Faster Than GTX 980

DX12 support has just been added to 3DMark showing unbelievable results with DX12 delivering up to 20 times faster performance than DX11.

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Bigpappy1520d ago

The performance differences between DX11 and DX12 is astonishing. But what is also surprising is that DX12 is showing to be more beneficial to ADM's GPU's than Mantle. This should explain why ADM is no longer pushing mantle for windows. It also debunks some posters saying they do the same thing. Similar should be the word of choice when talking about the two.

mikeslemonade1520d ago

Still.. AMD is like the ugly step child.

DarkOcelet1520d ago

Ok, i am not the good at this kind of stuff but if it as fast as Titan X, Will the games perform as good as Titan X on amd r9?

Stiffler1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Don't quote me on this one man, but I'm fairly certain that is heavily dependent upon the games in question and how well the devs optimize said games, specifically for AMD cards.

It mostly comes down to optimization and with Nvidia being the lead GPU choice and the most common, you're most likely gonna still seem more GPU utilization/optimization for Nvidia cards over the competition.

Anonagrog1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

It seems unlikely.

This is a synthetic test designed to measure only api performance. To best avoid other bottleneck locations affecting the result, the gpus really aren't doing much work in comparison to typical usage (eg. simple shaders, low resolution, minimal vram bandwidth usage, etc.). Even though I'm not certain why the api scores differ (especially when looking at the gtx 960 stock/oc'ed numbers), reaching that point again in games will be unlikely.

A quote from the '3DMark Technical Guide', page 86:

"This an artificial scenario that is unlikely to be found in games, which typically aim to achieve high levels of detail and exceptional visual quality".

It's worth reading the pages surrounding if you're interested in more detail.

Edit: Provide a reference to official literature along with a short summary and still someone doesn't like the info. Good ol' n4g.

RegorL1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

The big difference is that earlier Mantle tests were games written to perform well on DX11 (like BF4).

This new test is written to perform well on DX12.

The difference?

With DX11 games you had a limited number of objects when they are sent the CPU can't find more work to do and have to wait for the frame to render. Result: mostly rendering limited.

This test tries to draw as much as possible within one frame time, ie keeping frames per second constant. Result: mostly draw call limited.

This benchmark should also suite Mantle/Vulkan very well.

Edit: Note that Mantle scales better to more CPUs and that DX12 flattens out earlier... The future will bring more cores...

angelusbrz1520d ago

How is it astonish ? what is 33% in gaming ? it's almost the difference between the PS4 and the Xbox One but Xbox fanboys can't see it...

MRMagoo1231520d ago

Why is the xbone tag in this when there is no mention of it at all ?

NuggetsOfGod1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Amazing things will happen on pc!

Low level console like guts tinkeing api on a pc?

It's what I dreamed about but was always told it's not possible on pc.

Now the dawn of HBM & HBM2 next year!

Pc gamers will have memory coming out of their arses...

All we need now are oled freesync 144hz monitors. I would pay $1000 for a 27inch.

I have little time to care about what will do for xbox's apu when all this power is coming.

Well mantel will benefit every pc gamers who will enjoys half life 3!

Mantel laid an egg and Vulkan was hatched.

Mantel 2.0 will be for experimental and innovative efforts.

Amd gave the industry a boost! They forced MS's hand, made khronos group leave openGL behind & I am glad mantel existed and is still being used intetally.

Now linux gaming will also get a boost.

Not to mention AMD was the company that helped SK Hynix develope HBM.

They have changed the pc gaming industry as a whole going foward.

What did nvidia do? Oh some new AA algorithm for gtx cards?

I like the green team to but damn give some credit to AMD. In fact say thank u to be polite if u love gaming.

Anyway if I can live to see cyberpunk 2077 with dx12/Vulkan life will be complete.

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badz1491520d ago

nVidia will lose sleep over this. watch how they will spin this news if true.

Maxor1520d ago

Prices would go down and everyone would win.

But the people who should lose sleep are the ones who bought into AMD's Mantle hype.

awi59511520d ago

Mantle runs great its not hype. It runs at least 20 fps more in BF4.

Bladesfist1520d ago

No they wont. There is a massive notification on that benchmark that says it is not representative of real performance and not to use it to compare graphics cards. They will probably just continue to work on their DX12 drivers.

solar1520d ago

heard that before, like MS finally cares about PC gaming.

KingPin1520d ago

Lovely lovely...this is news i like to hear.

DevilOgreFish1520d ago

Pretty cool. I'd like to see benchmarks with mixed GPUs, that thing they were talking about.

FlyingFoxy1520d ago

Titan X is massively overpriced regardless, AMD r9 390x/390 will win alone in price/performance.

DarkOcelet1519d ago

Yeah, i want to get it so bad but that price is just brutal.

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