Square Enix Talks Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360

FFXIII's move to 360 is exclusively a development for the West. "The Japanese plans for 360 haven't changed," said Hashimoto. "We considered the situation, and we would like to provide the game to as many fans as possible given the spread of the hardware."

As the Xbox 360 is extremely popular in the West and practically a nonentity in Japan, the split decision makes sense. Furthermore, the migration to 360 is clearly a recent decision. According to Hashimoto, development has yet to begin in earnest for Microsoft's console. "We're ready to start developing FFXIII for 360," he said. "First, we will complete the game for PS3 in Japan, then begin localization for America and Europe while developing the 360 version simultaneously.

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pizzas3968d ago

So they haven't even started developing the 360 version lol. It'll be a port from the PS3 version, unfortunately for 360 owners, while the PS3 version has been in development since 2005.

UnSelf3968d ago

Be that as it may, this is still the purest form of selling out i have yet to see in the gaming industry

muddygamesite3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

No matter how we try and spin this, we just need to accept the following facts:

- Sony is being Lazy and is run by a bunch of baboons
- Square has screwed us over, making an announcement that has disappointed ALOT of their fans
- Sony is spending money on stupid, retarded, useless dating simulations (Home) instead of securing exclusives and giving more support to first party Developers (possibly using them to fill up the deficient RPG and action game genre).

xjxdoggystyyle3968d ago

there we have it...they both are releasing at the same its not a time exclusive for the ps3...OUCH

Omegasyde3968d ago

I wonder how many discs it will be on. Doesn't really matter but now I got this crazy feeling that the game will be very linear. I however won't be jealous nor selfish since now more people can enjoy the game. Square however really stabbed Sony in the back especially now that the 360 has more Square Enix exclusives than a Sony Console.

"Wee Jump IN B3yonD" -Microsoft E3.

HighDefinition3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

This is HUGE.

But Sony`s conference hasn`t even started, Infamous looks amazing and there`s gonna be much more. Every knew something BIG would happen, that was it. MSFT had to do something and they did it.

When the F**K is FF13 coming out?
Is what I want to know

Spydiggity3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago ) ANY way...does this effect anyone who owns a ps3? you are still getting the game. you guys are such immature babies. why wouldn't you want as many people to play this game as possible? you haven't been betrayed. betrayal is when your best friend sleeps with your wife, not when a game you love gets to be experienced by millions more people.

EDIT: People who disagree with this statement only do it because i've opened a window into your soul and you can't handle what you saw. everything i said here is true. you're just too stubborn to admit the truth to yourself.

Domenikos3968d ago

I dont give a f**ck of this, PS3 will get a version of FFXIII anyway... The point that really pissed me off is that SE will reduce the quality of the final product for some bucks. Come on SE we wont see this game till 2009 fall cause u are porting FFXIII to a 6 dvd pack?

MikeGdaGod3968d ago

i never played a FF game besides Crisis Core (which i didn't enjoy at all) and i don't play any RPG's so this doesn't really bother me except for the fact that it seems some people will be use this as an excuse not to get a ps3. most of people i see braggin about this probably aren't even FF fans but love the opportunity to rub it in ps3 owners faces.

whatever i guess

i said i was going to buy FFXIII to see what all the hype is about and i still will. i just hope the game doesn't end up getting dumbed down like GTA4. if so i'm sure this will be the last FF on the 360, just like the GTA series.

jackdoe3968d ago

Omegasyde, you make a great point. It is freaking hilarious that there are more Squeenix exclusives on the 360 than the PS3 (though who knows, that number might balance out by tomorrow).

snakeater33968d ago

it does affect us in many ways :
1.there would be some compromise on the ps3 version
2.ps3 sales would suffer = less support for ps3= brown end of the stick for us
3. a lesser reason to own a ps3 would YOU feel if gears, bioshock and your beloved halo went multiplatform??

PS360PCROCKS3968d ago

Ok first off "pizzas" it's being "developed on PC", the 360 is like a damn PC, ask valve, SE will have more issues sending it from PC to PS3 than from PC to 360, it is probably a fairly easy transition for them, hence why they're doing it.

Spydiggity3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

i'd be fine with it. first off, i own both systems. second, i just want gamers to enjoy the games i enjoy. i think it's great when games cross platforms. I think exclusives are dumb. i mean the games themselves are not dumb, just the fact that they are exclusive. unfortunately that's not the way of the business world and this time around microsoft is just doing better business. it's not really a big deal. and either way, both companies will be around for the next generation. also, since FF has been in development for a very long time, i doubt this announcement means a compromise in quality. and, as a matter of fact, almost all games that have released on both systems have sold better and looked better on the 360 so why wouldn't square wanna be part of that experience.

it just seems so silly that people are holding loyalty to a company. these are stock holder corporations. they only care about making more money. neither company cares about us as people, they just want our cash. so this fanboy loyalty is just a joke to me. I don't like sony or microsoft, they are both faceless corporations. but i like both systems. both have great qualities. anyway, i'm sorry the ps3 fanboys think they're being sold down the river, that's not the case. these developers are just spending a fortune to create these games and if they stay on a single platform they aren't making enough money back. if anything, selling on both systems ensures good sales and therefor, good future products. ps3 owners should be happy at this announcement...not criticizing 360 and making excuses for sony. This is good news for everyone.

and @ps360wiirocks you are absolutely right, but you can't tell that to fanboys, they just don't get it. they take it personally like they own sony. it's like being an adult in a room full of kindergarten kids, you will never ever get a real, fact based point across and you're outnumbered so you'll never win the argument. i think everyone who owns both systems and doesn't hold system loyalty should just stop commenting on N4G and let the ps3 fanboys have their site, they dominate it with their trash talk and propaganda as it is.

PopEmUp3968d ago

you mean they haven't start porting the game ;P

Superfragilistic3968d ago

Get your facts right!

Square confirmed in their conference that neither version will be a "port" as FFXIII has been developed on PC using Crystal Tools. The game will then be transferred independently to both consoles. Which is great news for gamers on both platforms because it will ensure that both versions maximise their respective platform's potential.

The PS3 version will be completed first (In Japanese) and released exclusively on PS3 in Japan. Development will then shift to the 360 and localisation of each version (English language, etc). Months later it will get a simultaneous release on both consoles in North America and Europe.

Hope that clears things up.

The Wood3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Im not sure why people believe it will be released simultaneously. Even if that is their intention delays are just that, delays. This may be the first real time we can see what 1 of the consoles can/cant do because of their hardware.


I think the localisation time and development time may differ. That may be their intention but we shall see. What we believe and what 'they' say may turn out to be different. Time, as always, will tell

gaffyh3968d ago

So this should mean the PS3 version coming out first in US/EU, cos I'm pretty sure that Localisation is a lot shorter process than porting the game.

I'm just worried about KH3 now, if that goes to the Wii (like we all expect), then Sony have lost 2 major Playstation titles.

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ISA_Scum3968d ago

blah, blah, blah, we screwed all of you who believed this was going to be exclusive on PS3, blah, blah, blah japanese loyaly, screw western fans, blah, blah....

Honestly, I'm very mad at my favorite developer right now....

zenosaga043968d ago

I will no longer be purchasing this game =(

ISA_Scum3968d ago

White Knight Chronicles mate. Let's just hope they say something about it tomorrow.

muddygamesite3968d ago

considering the way things are going, i wont be surprised to hear the following statements that will confirm me putting my 60gb PS3 on ebay:

- WKC delayed

ISA_Scum3968d ago's not listed on that one link. Basically, no WKC, no PS3 is kinda the way I'm playing it during E3 this year. I may be making a system swap based entirely on Sony's RPG presentation/scheduling tomorrow.

gerol3968d ago


omg thats all i can say...

TapiocaMilkTea3968d ago

Why why I feel like the whole game is going to downgrade....
I thought they said Final Fantasy can only exist on the PS3 because its hardware superiority gives them unlimited creativity or some sorts? wtf?

Solbadguy3968d ago

create our own Final Fantasy 13 that no other console will be able to play and it will be made in Little Big Planet by someone, somehow.

pizzas3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

We can't trust our 3rd party support anymore. Square-Enix sold out for the money and this is why Sony stopped caring about their 3rd party exclusives. They worry about their own exclusives now and they have plenty of 1st / 2nd party exclusives on the way. Versus XIII is still exclusive to PS3 but I wouldn't be surprised if M$ tries to steal that one too.

3rd party exclusives are pretty much over.

Domenikos3968d ago

3rd party dev = expensive whores

They love to bite the hand that feeds em.

kevin11223968d ago

i think square is waiting to see how ff13 sells on xbox 360 before they make their decision on versus being exclusive or not.