Why Nintendo Should Have Party Chat

Amras89 of The Gamesmen RPG writes:

"With the news of Splatoon being the most recent in the line of games not receiving online chat, it has either become clear that Nintendo knows nothing about how to set up an online structure that can support constant chat to others. They want to keep the younger generation of gamers safe from the toxicity of the internet, or they just don’t care about what the Wii U community wants to have on their console. I am going to go over some of the reasons why Nintendo should have no problem setting up a system for if not in game chat then at least party chat."

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3-4-51520d ago

Really make that big of a deal of voice chat?

Shows how dumb people are.

All you people care about is talking about how awesome you are.

It's all about talking this generation.

What about doing ?

Testfire1520d ago

Yeah, voice chat is a big deal. I have a son that I play co-op games with, we had 2 PS3s, 2 360s, and now have 2 gaming PCs. I buy co-op games and we use voice chat. There are games like Dead Island, Dying Light, Borderlands, etc where voice chat is essential and more than that just plain enjoyable. So yes, it's awesome to have people to play co-op games online with and be able to actually talk to eachother, you should try it.

So yeah, Nintendo is definitely behind the times here.

Mega241520d ago

Not even close, the fact that I have to use Skype to play MH4U with my friend makes me mad. Nintendo needs to evolve, they are so behind on basic features the competition already has.

Cindy-rella1520d ago

Lol. Nintendo will do what they want like theyve been doing for years and people cry about their archaic ways. Go elsewhere and play other consoles or gaming system. I love the pc and ps4 and id never waste my money on a Nintendo console because of things Nintendo does that i deem silly. I make a statement by not supporting them and their madness. Why buy the console and then complain about a thousand things that theyve been known to do for years? I like playing a lot of unique and diverse exclusive tutles so i know not to buy a Nintendo console. I also enjoy playing online multiplayer games and use a mic so i know i wont buy a nintendo console. I know i want a gaming system with cutting edge technology so i know i wont get a Nintendo console. I know i want to play a lot of third party games so i know i wont get a Nintendo console. Lol. People are silly sometimes.

AJBACK2FRAG1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I was hust wondering what a Sony fanboy thought.(sic)

jsslifelike1520d ago

No voice chat in Splatoon is a HUGE misstep. It's a shame, as fresh a take on competitive shooters as it is, to waste the chance to make it great. When we, the Nintendo devoted, clamor for new IP, we mean for them to take as big a chance on bulletpoints as they do on aesthetics.

AJBACK2FRAG1519d ago

How many of you actually own a Wii U? Ok now how many of you played SSB Wii U with your friends? How many of you have used the microphone option with your friends...? Anybody? Ok any of you guys hear of Wii U chat? Ok How many Wii U owners have used it? I have less than zero interest in Splatoon but I think it's weird that people are questioning mic chat when you can video chat twenty four hours a day? One last question who here owns a telephone? Ahhhhhhhhh...

-Foxtrot1520d ago

When they can't do the little things like this, especially when it's 2015 and the game is a multiplayer team based thing then it just shows you how out of touch Nintendo are. It's like when they did Super Mario 3D World and it wasn't online co-op, just local

Blackleg-sanji1520d ago

That's thing tho super Mario 3d world I gave them a pass(a small one mind you) BUT this!!? It's a TEAM BASED SHOOTER?! I don't get it

-Foxtrot1520d ago

Well I think it was a big deal with Super Mario World, people know I'm not a big fan of co-op but when a game has been built up so perfectly for co-op and they turn around and say "Oh yeah it's not online co-op, just local" it's like a massive F U to co-op lovers

I mean I can't just think of myself here I think of these people would of loved online co-op for that.

It's like what was the point of it then.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1519d ago

@-Foxtrot AKA the lego games way!

Metallox1519d ago

If Nintendo ever wants to put online to a 3D Mario game, 3D World is not the most suited for online gameplay. I mean, for me, local multiplayer and online multiplayer aren't the same thing. Each type offers a different feeling, and certainly 3D World's co-op feature is more simple, relaxed, funny... and it's definitely not suited for competitive matches, which are the best option for online.

3D World is meant to be a game to have people at your side, to kick their butts when they provoke your death when they push you into the emptiness. That's also why 3D World is more minimalistic, is meant to be well designed for 4 players. This kind of level design is not appropriate for online gameplay, because if you make the levels minimalistic, where do you put the challenge? I can guarantee you that if 3D World had online it would be too boring.

Not sure that if I explained myself enough.

Anyway, So does that mean that Mario games can't have online? Absolutely not. 2D games are more suited for these tasks. 3D game however? Let Nintendo to find a proper concept first. 3D World is not adequate.

AJBACK2FRAG1519d ago

Lol!!!! I used to think that also but after playing the actual game, playinging the actual game, I found that any hint of lag would ruin this beautiful experience. Plus Nintendo is very interest in local co op. I played Super Mario 3d world with some friends on the couch and it was a BLAST!!!! You really get to know the gamer beside you when all they're trying to do knock that crown off your head lol!!!

Coachkeys1520d ago

If the game is fun I don't mind the lack of voice chat. It's better than hearing a 10 year old listening to uptown funk the whole match. Gta 5 is the perfect example of that.

Errefus1520d ago

>10 year old

Don't think 10 year olds will play this game.

Blackleg-sanji1520d ago

I hate this argument so much...give me the option at least! All you have to do is mute them.

freshslicepizza1520d ago

what a very very poor answer. don't use a headset, your problem is now solved. it's called having the option in the first place and not everyone is 10 years old and to be completely honest age has nothing to do with maturity when it comes to playing others online.

this is just pitiful people still defend what is essentially basic functions for online gaming.

Testfire1520d ago

@ Coachkeys, so you're saying that all people that play online are 10 year olds? Or is it that you just don't have anyone to play online games with? I think it's the latter because it's awesome when you can hop online with a buddy or family member and share enjoyment in a great game together.

Starbucks_Fan1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

you realize you can mute people in GTA V right? lol

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dubal-e1520d ago

Nintendo has the potential to be the highest selling gaming company and its sad cos its not its hardware holding them back it's their stubbornness and need to be all of its consumers parents that keep landing their home consoles in last place. I'm still going to buy splatoon, but no voice chat in a game based on team cooperation is just plan stupid. People who don't wanna listen to little kids can mute them like every other normal game in the world. At least Devils third ill be a proper shooter.

wonderfulmonkeyman1519d ago

There's a lot of good reasons why it should have voice chat, but team coordination is not one of them, for reasons I've listed in a post below.

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