GameSpot E3 '08: NBA Live 09 Impressions

GameSpot writes: "Every player in the NBA has his tendencies. Some prefer to take a shot at the top of the key, some prefer to post up. Some like to handle the ball on a pick and roll, others like to do the rolling. Of course, tendencies change throughout the season--new coaches, new teammates, player injuries, or just a few of the myriad things that can change through the season, causing individual players and teams alike to adjust over the course of the season. While sports videogames have long claimed to mimic real-life player tendencies, EA Sports' upcoming NBA Live 09 is looking to take that to the next level, with daily, yes you read that correctly, daily updates for player tendencies during the NBA season.

Unveiled today during the EA Sports segment of today's EA press conference, the Dynamic DNA feature (as it's known) looks to be a way to accurately gauge the way players and teams change throughout the season. Based off of technology from Synergy Sports, a premiere sports analytics company, the Dynamic DNA feature will download new player data daily across a number of different player tendencies: isolation, pick and roll ball handler, pick and roll roll man, post up, spot man, off-ball screen, and cuts, as well as tendencies such as how often the player moves left or right when facing off with a defender."

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