Fable Legends to be the first DirectX 12-based game for Xbox One, Phil Spencer says

Phil Spencer has revealed on Twitter that Fable Legends could be the first DirectX 12-based title for Xbox One.

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StrayaKNT2875d ago

We need a release date and we need it asap.

christocolus2875d ago

The game looks really good.

mikeslemonade2875d ago

I saw it at GDC. Looks okay but graphically not that great either.

PONTIAC08G8GT2874d ago

I really wish they just made a proper Fable 4. Fable 1 was great, Fable 2 I actually thought was the best, and Fable 3 I didn't enjoy at all. I think Fable 2 had the dog. I'm not sure about this game at all.

Mega242875d ago

I agree with this man, and we need it now!

oSHINSAo2875d ago

Maybe they are wating for the E3 Press conference to say the Magic Words "... And you can downloaded, Now"

Remember that Horizon 2 announcement, and then 2 months later was released

christian hour2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

This is great news for xb1 owners, reports from last year made it seem like DX12 was coming to benefit xb1 much later in its life cycle. Seems it's a lot closer than originally thought. Hopefully it's everything it's been made out to be for xb1 as it is for PC. I may just have to pick up an xb1 in time for it :D

*edit* @disagree... so, it's NOT great news for xb1 owners?

StrayaKNT2875d ago

It will definately improve alot of games. Will it be magic and drastically make the xbox more powerful then the ps4? no, but who cares? As long as it benefits any game by at least 1% then the game is 1% better then what it would have been without dx12. The disagree's are just sour fanboys who think dx12 is literally going to be on the xbox for no reason at all lol

GenuineGamer2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

@AussieGamer1 -

Although ps4 and xb1 are very close in static hardware capabilities i have to say..

Xbox one is already more powerful than ps4. Look at the results xb1 gets compared to ps4 all while being gimped of its intended hw features, some of which ps4 already has!

XB1 was designed for dx12 gaming.

Multi core cpu commands + eSRAM + dx12 tiled resources + dx12 eSRAM API = 6gb tiled texture data without having to go through main memory pool.

Faster cpu, faster much more efficient dual memory setup with dx12, 8gb ddr3 ram + 6gb tiled data eSRAM + split open design gpu with 8 memory controlers for better access.

With the potential of this hardware setup i find it hard to believe ps4 is the more capable system. Especially with current results in games. XBO already outperforms many ps4 games not counting resolution which is down to esram underutilization soon to be resolved with dx12.

Paper specs do not tell the whole story. Just look at smart phones. You can get phones with twice the paper specs of certain phones but are still slower.

Its all in the design of said hardware not just outright numbers.

I remember listening to an interview when xb1 launched discussing xb1 memory, And MS said they nearly went with gddr5 but they decided esram setup was much more beneficial overall. And its not like eSRAM was cheaper than gddr5, heck it costs a lot more!!!

eSRAM destroys gddr5 in both speed and latency!

MS did not make an exclusive deal with AMD spending $3+ billion to create this custom design chip layout to have it be weaker than a basic design that sony went with for a mere $500 million from the same company AMD.

GenuineGamer2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

The only reason we have had devs say in the past that ps4 is more powerful, Or games where ps4 has a higher resolution is purely down to eSRAM.

Devs have not been able to utilize eSRAM the way it was intended, Mainly due to lack of knowledge, lack of system tools and lack of dx12 tiled resources of which it was designed for.

If you take eSRAM out of the equation, then PS4 is the more powerful system. Hands down.

And this has been the state of game development really, eSRAM has barely been used at all in most games. Hence ps4 seeming more powerful.

The new dx12 eSRAM API will be a godsend for developers. :)

_-EDMIX-_2874d ago

@GenuineGamer- The XONE is factually LESSOR then the PS4.

That isn't based on subjectivity...that is very much a fact.

1.3TFLOP and 1.85TFLOP are not close...not even slightly.

"MS did not make an exclusive deal with AMD spending $3+ billion to create this custom design chip layout to have it be weaker than a basic design that sony" would they know during development Sony's GPU?

Sony and MS both spent lots of money....Sony merely spent more.

Thats it...

One can't just know this during development bud.

Sooo how can MS spend on something "weaker" when its only "weaker' by comparison?

As someone that games on both PCs and consoles, I can tell you that even when you consider Overclocking, software updates, must consider they BOTH CAN DO THIS!

Soooo if you buy an HD 5750 and I buy a HD can OC it MORE then my card, you can get all the software patches to make it run better..... can I. default my card will always run faster.

I legit don't know what would make someone think that some how, software features beat physical hardware.

Its just not feasible.

XONE can improve its GPU performance, just like PS4 can.

Thus...PS4 by default will always perform better.

"XBO already outperforms many ps4 games not counting resolution which is down to esram underutilization soon to be resolved with dx12"

Not that I know of bud.


Annnnnd resolution has nothing to do with actual performance, one might think it does....when you game on'll see it actually doesn't.

Playing at a higher resolution doesn't put stress on a system....playing at a higher graphic SETTING DOES!

If I game on PC...turn all settings off, put graphics on ultra LOW, playing in 1080p is a breeze.

If I game on ultra, turn on all settings, I might be playing at a lessor resolution because of how demanding the engine and game is....sooooo lessor resolution doesn't really mean lessor system.

In fact...playing in 1080p likely means the engine is lessor, not more demanding.

vs what random people look like in InFamous SS

I'm sorry...but there is a reason why no XONE game has yet to even come close to any of those titles...

They just can' matter the updates. Nothing is wrong with that too, its just part of the game. This happens in gaming.

GenuineGamer2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )


lol at comparing a launch title simulation racers crowd to a character model in Infamous. How many characters on screen in Infamous??

Resolution does takes a toll on game performance. By your logic every game could run at 4k without taking a hit.



DMC - Devil May Cry

Murderer Soul Suspect





Dragonball Xenoverse

GTA V also looks better on xb1 regardless of more foliage on ps4. xbo has Better colors and textures.

I could go on as there are many more examples just like this.

PS4 has bottlenecks in its design. It has one memory pool for everything. So only a certain amount of bandwidth can be allocated to the gpu.

Where with XBO eSRAM has direct access to the gpu and can do this at the same time as ddr3 ram.

Basically xb1 is more efficient in every single area of its design compared to ps4. Especially when you factor in dx12 and its tiled resources for eSRAM.

XBO GPU made for DX12 and completely custom with split design for better simultaneous access with both esram and ddr3 at the same time.

PS4 GPU is not custom and only feeds to gddr5.

What good is a 1.8tf gpu if you don't have enough bandwidth to feed it.

XBO having a faster CPU doesn't hurt either :)

Mark my words by the end of this generation people will be looking back and remembering how everyone thought ps4 was more powerful, When XBO is actually the king. Like Aragorn in Lord of the Rings he is yet to take his throne from the crazy steward(ps4) of the white city. lol :p

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )


"Although ps4 and xb1 are very close in static hardware capabilities i have to say. Xbox one is already more powerful than ps4. Look at the results xb1 gets compared to ps4 all while being gimped of its intended hw features, some of which ps4 already has!"


Let's look at the facts not the made up fiction.

GDDR5 has a higher bandwidth capacity than DDR3

PS4 has a 18 compute unit GPU when compared to the Xbox One GPU with 12 compute units. Which simply means at 1.84 TFLOPS, the PS4 can render more graphics faster than the Xbox One GPU at 1.31 TFLOPS.

Now let's dissect this issue even further with this link that explains exactly why the Xbox One's hardware is the way it is:


"Speaking to Engadget in a making-of video, as reported by CVG, Silicon development GM Greg Williams claimed that the computing giant "purposefully" did not target high-end graphics for the new console."

Microsoft is not targeting the highest-end graphics capabilities with the Xbox One, according to an Xbox engineer.

"We purposefully did not target the highest-end graphics," he said. "We targeted more as a broad entertainment play and did it in an intelligent way."

The original story from Engadget here:

Building Xbox One: An inside look at Microsoft's play for the next generation of gaming - May 21 2013

The Xbox One was specifically built to be an entertainment hub not a gaming machine and all of the nonsense about the Xbox One being released a year too early or that it was built with DX12 in mind is nothing more than delusional, made up, nonsense based on rumors and rampant speculation.

Now there is only one way to put all of this nonsense and fiction to rest, testing... And of course no one from Microsoft is willing to publish or state anything because they already know what the results will be. Now i'm just waiting for the typical denials and moving of goal posts in order to concoct a ridiculous rebuttal.

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2875d ago
robtion2875d ago

Yes. My most anticipated xb1 exclusive/timed exclusive along with Scale bound/Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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crazychris41242875d ago

Sounds good, Im sure Halo 5, Scalebound, Forza 6 and the Gears Collection that we all know thats coming will also get the DX 12 treatment when they release by the end of the year.

Torque_CS_Lewith2875d ago

Scalebound releases this year?

StrayaKNT2875d ago

Maybe not this year. I think it will come next year with gears 4, crackdown and phantom dust. That will be the most brutal line up ever imo.

NuggetsOfGod2875d ago

Now will it be 30fps I wonder.

DougLord2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Why do you wonder? You don't own a Xone and you clearly don't plan on buying one.

For those with an Xone (or PC) the beta looks awesome so ignore the Sony fanboys.

@Kane it is coop. It's just that a real human can design the level. There will also be pre made quests that you can solo with 3 AIs. Think of Neverwinter Nights.

Kane222875d ago

if this wasn't centered around pvp. i would be excited for this game. i thought we could co-op with others playing a fable game. but this is a competitive co-op kinda game. which i want nothing to do with.

Bigpappy2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

@Kane22: I was under the impression that you can play co-op, and having some-one join to play nemesis was optional. But I have not been following to closely. I am one of those gamers who want to know this type of info, but do not want any info on story plot or enemies I will encounter. I would be shocked if this is just arena PVP fighting.

Thanks Kane. A least it's free to play though. So I will try it before I knock it. Really wanted some co-op adventure though. Oh well, in any event, I will have NeverWinter, The Witcher and ESO to explore. Not to shabby me thinks.

Kane222875d ago

sadly, this is a pvp competitive co-op game.

christian hour2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Aw I thought it was gonna be like other fable games, a single player focused RPG with amazing new online/multiplayer components (I havent kept up on it much since the initial announcement)... this is kinda disapointing to hear.

I'm not big on PVP. I quite like PVE or co-op based ai bashing hijinks. Speaking of which... helldivers is calling to me.

OpieWinston2875d ago

Clearly you don't know much about PvP... This is fully playable with AI Villains. And this is Asymmetric MP.

The whole story that will be evolving for years to come will be free to the user and fully playable with no other players.

christian hour2875d ago

Thanks for rectifying that Opie :)

Kane222874d ago

again this isnt a normal fable game. as i thought this was going to be. i don't always want to team with anyone including AI

BallsEye2874d ago

I'm in beta since the very start where the test team was only around 50 people. It is not a pvp game. It's a co-op game with POSSIBILITY to play as villain. 4 players on a mission vs one player villain who's a game master, controlling what's going on but you can also play the game alone. If you choose to do so, 3 other characters and villain will be controlled by AI and you basicly have a single player game then.

Kane222874d ago

again this isnt a normal regular fable game. why does people keep telling me different.

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Bigpappy2875d ago

I am sure everyone at least suspected as much. Guess its good having conformation from the boss.

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