Rockstar Games Are Investigating GTA V Visual “Downgrade” On PS4 and XBO

GearNuke: "GTA V might have received a visual downgrade in the latest update on the PS4 and Xbox One. This visual downgrade can be easily seen in a new YouTube video. Fortunately, Rockstar Games has taken notice of this visual downgrade and has confirmed that they plan to fix this issue."

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crazychris41241515d ago

They need to investigate a downgrade?? Did some rouge employee implement the latest patch? C'mon man just admit you downgraded the graphics to improve the frame rate. What they are pretty much saying is "I should investigate my toilet to confirm that I took a dump this morning."

aPerson1514d ago

Of course they need to investigate the problem. How else do you expect them to come up with a fix?

MRMagoo1231514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Maybe it was an employee that likes red cheeks ?

We say on wow rouge is overpowdered when someone spells rogue wrong.

lociefer1514d ago

so the downgrade just happened by itself ?

d_g1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

no Rockstar Downgrade the game and now the Downgrade is missing so they will Investigating to find it

Perjoss1514d ago

Its quite normal for new errors and bugs to appear as a result of something else being fixed or tweaked.

MysticStrummer1514d ago

Yup a bug can be fixed and that fix can cause another bug in a seemingly unrelated part of the game. People seem locked in on the idea of a downgrade though.

Phoenix761514d ago

I haven't had a chance to play GTA since the latest patch, but if r* are aware of an issue and have stated that they are on it already then we should expect a revised update within days. R* are one of only a good few devs who really do care about their user base.

1514d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.