4 Painfully Embarrassing Ways to Die in Bloodborne

Bloodborne has more than its fair share of deaths to shower hunters in, but there are some that are better kept to yourself.

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Letthewookiewin1515d ago

At the beginning of every confrontation I expect to be standing next to my Hunters Dream Lamp after the fight is over. Haha. Soo good.

maybelovehate1515d ago

You know that giant rolling ball of fire?.. Well I was playing with the 4 guys chasing me, taunting them so I could move out of the way just in time.. but as I was walking backwards I fell off the back side of the building and the giant ball came down and landed on top of me. Luckily all my loot was there on the stairs waiting for me when I came back.

Tripl3seis1515d ago

I'm gonna need some help betting the second boss that fucker once goes to ware wolf mode is pretty impossible to beat him holy crap the game sooo goood.

kodycc1515d ago

I had the same problem with him. Father Gascoigne right? I had the best luck with dodging towards him when he attacks. Also, I ended up just using the beckoning bell to get some help for it, and we ended up just shredding him. Great game, Loving every masochistic minute of it

Tripl3seis1515d ago

Yea how do you use the beckoning bell because I still have it I'm gonna have to use it. If any of you guys want help a brother out just hit me up on psn docgamer24.

Unoriginalplayer1515d ago

Get the toy box and use it when he changes makes the fight a million times easier

Tripl3seis1515d ago

Yea I'm gonna have to do that thanks for the advice bro.

majedx91515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

once goes to ware wolf mode:
-use the oil on him (Oil Urn)
-use the Molotov Cocktail "hit him with every thing you have of Molotov Cocktail"

i killed him with 4 hit.

Tripl3seis1515d ago

Yea I read that's one of the ways to kill him I'll try it once I get the music box question I heard you can only use the box 3 times is that true? If it is that would be wonderful.

majedx91515d ago

don't use the music box it will make him goes to ware wolf mode earlier thin before,for me i killed him without it.

Unoriginalplayer1513d ago


Not sure if you have beaten him yet but there is a little patch of gravestones you can hit him with the axe if you have it. Once he changes into the werewolf use the music box and lay into him until he is dead! You should only have to use it once.

xXDerickXx1515d ago

Forgetting to press x to go down the ladder and just fall to your death...

Maxor1515d ago

This. The Souls games are infamous for their ladder deaths.