PS4 Update 2.50 “Yukimura” Review – My Time With the 2.50 Beta

PSLS: While the PlayStation 4’s update 2.50 is just now rolling out to PS4 users everywhere and adding some awesome features, I’ve had my hands on the beta version of this update for a few weeks now. In this feature-by-feature breakdown, I’ll let you know my thoughts on each piece of the update and how it either improved or hindered my overall console experience. Please note that this overview is in no way based on features that did not come with update 2.50. There may be features that were not included this time around, but my focus is on what the newest update did bring to the table.

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Wedge191518d ago

Great update this time around. Sure, not everything that everyone wants, but some great options to expand the system.

knifefight1518d ago

I didn't know they did betas for firmware updates outside of company staff. Huh. I learned something here.

Majin-vegeta1518d ago

Dont worry I didnt know that before.Sounds like this is probably the first update they have done.

Travis37081518d ago

The update made everything faster on my PS4. So yea... I love it!

joel_c171518d ago

Just a reminder that, at least for me, I had to turn on resume/suspend from the power saving options

Becuzisaid1518d ago

I noticed it was faster as well. Now I just need folders, and maybe the ability to play YouTube in the background for music-or just the ability to play music from hdd.

St01518d ago

Spotify's coming out for PS3 & 4 next week

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