Dragon Age Inquisition DLC: what about Multiplayer?

Dragon Age: Inquisition was one of the best games of 2014, but did we really need more of the campaign or should the DLC have improved the multiplayer?

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Hipp01519d ago

There is multiplayer DLC available for free, and they do multiplayer events all the time, it was definitely a good idea to make the latest DLC campaign related.

Tankbusta401517d ago

How is the Multiplayer? I'm almost through the story and have not even looked into mp yet

700p1517d ago

its not really fun, atleast compared to the mass effect multiplayer.

AstroCyborg1517d ago

wait da inquisition has mp i never knew LOL

1517d ago
Lon3wolf1517d ago

Yeah it a little dungeon crawling fun, nothing too involved for a few players.

DougLord1517d ago

This game has enough content that I got bored of the mechanics before finishing it. I put well over 100 hours into it. It doesn't need DLC and multiplayer can't be saved. It's a soulless race where 4 strangers compete to kill things as quickly as possible with no strategy tactics or cooperation.

Lon3wolf1517d ago

I play MP with friends, and it's a dungeon crawler not sure why "you" have to play with strangers though.