Xbox One's UK average selling price has fallen by nearly five times as much as PS4

The Xbox One's price has dropped by nearly £140 over the course of the year. According to GAME's recent financial report (via MCV), the average price of an Xbox One bundle has dropped from £454 in January 2014 to £316 in January 2015.
The average price of the PS4 has fallen by roughly £30 during the same period.

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Abash1521d ago

The UK was like the next largest territory for Xbox after the US, so it's surprising hearing this. The PS4 is just damn tough to compete with

chrismichaels041521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Its amazing that the PS4 has been able to maintain its sales lead in the UK (as well as the rest of the European market) without having to drop in price. The worldwide demand for the PS4 has been pretty impressive.

darthv721521d ago

The cheaper the systems get, the easier it is to attain the ones you passed up. Multiple console owners know the routine.

MRMagoo1231521d ago

The only way the xbone can match the ps4 in sales now is by giving an xbone away with each ps4 sold. The price drops aren't helping.

SoapShoes1521d ago

And yet PS4 outsold Xbox One during the holiday months(Nov + Dec) there. Incredible. PS4 is a beast.

SoapShoes1520d ago

Bro I'm talking months with an S! What ground PS4 lost in November was wiped away in December.

Christopher1521d ago

Was it Microsoft's plan to match the price of a Wii U in record time?

MasterCornholio1521d ago

Now that's just mean....................

Bigpappy1521d ago

Is this good news or bad news? As a gamer, I think lower prices is good new. But that's just me.

curtis921521d ago

Good news for gamers on a budget. Bad news in the sense that it's struggling to keep up with PS4, hence the constant 'deals' and price cuts.

WelkinCole1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

How things work in business you see is that if a product has to reduce in price constantly normally means it is not doing too well as oppose to keeping your price constant because it does not need to be reduced too often.

This is normally the case when you have competition because you have to compete and you have to slash your price to compete IF you are not doing too well.

When your product is not doing too well compare to competition then support for it from 3rd parties will also suffer and long term viability will also comes into question.

So do you see now why it is not that much of good news for the respective gamer?.

Why o why1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Pro tip big p

As a consumer there is virtually no reason lower prices are a bad thing bar buying one prior to the price drop.

What this probably indicates is that ms didn't want to lose more ground in one of its top regions. Demand wasn't high enough so cuts were made to stimulate sales. No headstart meant ms had to face the stronger brand head on.

MRMagoo1231521d ago

It's bad news for the majority of gamers because the ps4 price isn't moving and that's the console they want.

Bigpappy1521d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

@WelkinCole: Actually you are wrong. You have good points in there, but M$ dropping the price is not bad new for gamers, be cause the drop in price is there to counter those faults you mention. Its a win/win for gamers. based on your points. More gamers buying consoles because of lower price = better possibility of developer support (not a problem for M$ outside of Japan at the moment by the way).

curtis92: I don't know why you take the fact that the console, seen as weaker by most, not selling as well as the console seen a the most powerful to be bad news. I would think that is what you would expect. Because I decided to buy X1 does not mean I don't understand why most opted for the PS4. Reason for buying a console just happens to be different from most.

The only people who I believe should be seeing lower prices as bad, is M$ them selves. And I and not sure that is the case, because I have no idea how must their are loosing, if they are in fact loosing anything, or what their plans are for the near future to try and regain share. But that is definitely not my concern as a gamer. That's their problem.

@MRMagoo123: you make as much or as little since as you always do.

@Why o why: Good that we agree this is good for gamers. Early adopters know that the price they are paying is premium and expect the price to drop. I haven't heard anyone crying that it is not fair that the price has dropped and they had to pay more. In theory you would be correct but reality is quite different here.

As for way it indicates: that's a different topic. And everyone should be aware by this point that the PS4 is way ahead because gamers are seeing a power difference in favour of PS4. It means less profit for M$, but I am sure they can afford not to make big profit on console hardware and even throw in some giveaways.

M$ is doing exactly what they need to do, and because consumers see value in that, they are still in the game. To see this as a negative would reduce one to a brand loyal cheerleader who see the competition between these companies as a sport. One that is more important to them than having the actual consoles to play their games of choice.

FITgamer1520d ago

I agree. Hoping for $199 XB1 by the time Gears launches next year.

rainslacker1520d ago

I would say it's good for the consumers who can't afford the higher price and really want a next gen system, and for those that want an X1.

I don't know how it affects MS financially, but I can't imagine that they like having to be so reactionary all the time to the momentum of their closest competition. I don't think they're used to such things over at MS, and even last gen I can't say that they had to react as much outside the normal price drops. Now it seems that everything they do is in response to Sony(on the hardware front at least), as opposed to just forging their own way ahead like they did last gen.

In the meantime Sony is simply riding it's momentum for who knows how long, and still have plenty left with which they could counter any move MS may make, despite not really having to for the foreseeable future.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1521d ago

No Doubt it has. The uk was one the xbox's strongholds which has now fallen by the wayside to the mighty PS4.

Xbone was actually outsold by PS4 for November and December combined last year in the UK. Despite the very cheap price of the xbone.

The xbone is getting dominated world wide including the US. PS4 is the superior product. This is a fact.

Automatic791521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

And yet, there was an article indicating both had sold 3 million by January, 2015. Amazing the amount of negative theories out there indicating Xbox One is not doing good in UK. Lol

Note last September PS4 sold a million and in November Xbox One did the same. Lol I call that solid sales for both.

chrismichaels041520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )


"The PS4 hit the 1 million milestone in September, and the Xbox One followed in November; that makes for 2 million out of 3 million; we aren’t told how the other 1 million is split, though considering that the PS4 is more popular in the UK than the Xbox One, it’s not a stretch to assume it is slanted in Sony’s console’s favor." - Quote from article

You are confused. I think you need to go back and read the article again. The first article reported the PS4 and Xone sold 3 million consoles *combined* in the UK (not each) with the PS4 already having the sales lead reaching 1 million units 2 months before Xbox did.

Also, no one is saying the Xbox is "not doing good" in the UK. This article is simply saying Xbox had to reduce the price of the Xbox to try and catch up to PS4 sales, while the PS4 is still selling at regular price.

Chevalier1520d ago

You mean how Xbone sold 1 million in 13 countries whereas PS4 sold 1 million in just 2 countries?! Yeah clearly PS4 destroyed its competion and still is. When is the last time we heard Xbone numbers?

Doing so well we have no announcement of numbers and as soon as price increased they fell behind. Now we have a permanent price change and that's due to 'value'

miyamoto1520d ago

Its called "justice".
The good will always triumph in the end no matter what happens along the way.
PlayStation 4 will end all disputes.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1521d ago

That can't be good for business (Microsoft) can it?

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tinynuggins1521d ago

It can only be good for business if the lower price means more adopters that buy games and purchase subscriptions for xbox live. I'm curious if MS is still making a profit on the xbox one at $349.99.

MasterCornholio1521d ago

There´s always the risk of creating deal prone consumers and that's never a good thing.

xer01521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

They can't be making a profit..

The article clearly says the average selling price has fallen by £140 - within a year! If Xbox was a company not supported by Microsoft... they would go bust for selling at such a heavy loss.

Traditionally console manufactures have sold at a loss, but Microsoft is taking loss making to another level.

Only a fan boy would tell you otherwise.
There's good business... and there's bad. Microsoft are clearly using desperation tactics, by selling at a huge loss.., yet the adoption rate keeps falling.

Go figure :/

PS4 is unstoppable.

LexHazard791521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Definitely not good. They probably lose close to $50 on each console sold.

Edit: kinectless sku

tinynuggins1521d ago

If they were making $28.00 off each console at $499 (with kinect) and if reports of kinect costing well over $100 to manufacture I don't think it's unreasonable to think that MS is at least breaking even on a $349.99 sku. if not still making a few bucks.

Chevalier1520d ago

In Canada they are definitely taking a loss. The price here dropped to match the American price. So the kinectless unit is $350 Canadian, that's $278 American and the kinect bundle is $450 Canadian, that's $358 American. Even with this price it is still being outsold by PS4 by a large margin.

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Neonridr1521d ago

oh well. Means you can get a really good deal for an Xbox One I guess.

GameDev11521d ago

Which isnt all bad cause of I have dilemma of getting a WII U, Xbox One, or PS3 during the holidays. The Xbox One is at the fore front at the moment and a price deal might seal it for me

Emrage1521d ago

I would get a wii u and if you don't have a 3ds try thinking of the 3ds and the wii u

LexHazard791521d ago

Get yourself Xbox One its gonna be on fire this holiday. Maybe a Halo 5 bundle but whatever you decide your guaranteed great gaming.

LexHazard791521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I guess the part where I say whatever you decide you will be good..didnt register.

N4G says no.......ok then. So your choice is a last gen console or a system with minimal third party software. You didnt say PS4, so I assumed you have one.

N4G never changes always hating on Xbox One or anyone who like it.

rainslacker1520d ago

I think the WiiU has more unique software that you won't get anywhere else. Since I assume by your comment you already have a PS4 since it doesn't cost much more than the X1 and can't see why you'd exclude it over such a small amount, I can only assume you are looking for a 2nd console.

X1 isn't a bad system, but 99% of the software is going to be be the same, and of that 99%, most of it is going to run better on the PS4. So unless you're really into MS exclusives titles, I would opt for the one that has the most unique stuff.

OTOH, it's hard to say what Nintendo will do for the next few years as they move onto the NX, and they are known to drop their last gen systems pretty quick. With the lack of current 3rd party dev support on the WiiU, it might not be a good long term investment.

Same is true for the PS3, as I feel that the dev support is going to go away quicker than it did for the PS2, but the PS3 has a huge catalog of games to choose from.

Price shouldn't be the only deciding factor when choosing a system. Sometimes it's best to look at long term benefits. Paying a little bit more up front can give you much more use out of it.

On that note, if this is your only system, then don't buy it on impulse because of BakPAin's reasoning's. Being "on fire" this holiday doesn't really mean much if there is not much beyond the first couple months to interest you, which means until the flames flare back up, it leaves you with a dust magnet.

GameDev11520d ago


Yes, I do have a PS4 and just need another system as its buddy

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xer01521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I reckon, we'll find Xbox Ones on store shelves at £200/£250 by this Christmas.

Haru1521d ago

Even at 200 it wont be able to outsell PS4

ThinkThink1520d ago

That would be amazing! I would love to pick up another one for the bedroom. The cheaper the price, the more people can afford it.

MasterCornholio1521d ago

Dang now thats surprising.


Malice-Flare1521d ago

this can't be good for the ROI on XB1...

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