Super Mario 64 - First Level Recreated in Unity Engine, Playable in Your Browser

DSOGaming writes: "Roystan Ross has recreated the first level of Super Mario 64 in the Unity Engine, and has released it for free to everyone. Yeap, you can actually play this recreation, something that is undoubtedly cool. What’s even more amazing is that this level is playable in your browser, meaning that you won’t have to download anything at all (though there is still an option for a desktop version in case you want one)."

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Nwah1520d ago

Very impressive. Amazing what one person can do with their free-time.

inveni01519d ago

Yeah, that was very well done. Kudos to the maker.

NightOfBlades1520d ago

Tried the browser version. Simply amazing. :)

Perjoss1520d ago

I love Bowser based games

ThunderPulse1519d ago

Especially good ones like this.

pivotplease1520d ago

Give this man a job. It looks like an official remake for Wii U almost.

Mr-Zex1520d ago

Needs a little more polish and a few more environmental things added for a nicer visual experience, but otherwise it looks quite good and plays amazingly!