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The Harvest Moon series has had a bit of a confusing production history, but the good news is that we're here to help you out with the basics. Originally created and developed by the now defunct Victor Entertainment Software until its acquisition in 2003, the Harvest Moon series has since been produced by Marvelous AQL. Though developed by Marvelous, the series has more often been associated with two primary publishers: Natsume in the NA territories and Rising Star Games in the EU and PAL regions. Due to some very confusing intellectual property ownership issues, Natsume now owns the rights to the Harvest Moon name and has taken it upon itself to develop Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, a new game in the classic series, completely separately of the team at Marvelous. To that end, The Lost Valley is a Harvest Moon game by name and premise only, leaving the core mechanics that have defined the series up until this point aside and aiming to start from scratch.

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