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Neil writes "It seems like it’s quite simple to make a hit videogame these days. Give us some big guns, a shed load of Zombies and free reign over the massacre and gamers will flock in their numbers. So how does Zombie Army Trilogy stand out from the rest? Well, bringing Adolf Hitler to the table is certainly a draw."

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oKidUKo1520d ago

It's a darn hard game but having mates playing makes it so much fun. Especially when your team mate succombs to a horde and begs for help.

MilkMan1520d ago

This game is the BOMB!

Immorals1520d ago

Looking for people to play with on xb1!

sprinterboy1520d ago

Great game, half way through my rental copy and have already made-up my mind to purchase from amazon £30, great trophies, great collectibles, long campaign.

SPOILER alert, the section when you collect the 2 keys with the girls singing Freddie krugger song 1,2 were coming for you, 3,4 better lock your door style voices lol, shat my pant with headphones on.

Immorals1520d ago

Got my copy for 21 off rakuten before release, not sure if deal is still going!

Also yeah, after that level I could build a house!

Majin-vegeta1520d ago

Just waiting until they say when we can purchase a physical copy in the U.S and I'll be all over it