InFamous gameplay trailer is out!

Heres a low quality video of the new inFamous trailer that Spike TV showed earlier tonight. More information about the game should be released tomorrow at E3.

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Silogon3966d ago

That looks lame as hell man. Ultra super Generic. WOW! This is sony's big guns, huh? Long day ahead of them tomorrow. Graphically impressive even on the youtube low feed, but still very generic.

ISA_Scum3966d ago

Oh do shut up. Seriously, your true colors are shown the second bad news comes out for Sony. This looks very good. Go back to cheering the fact that now we get a vastly inferior FFXIII in comparison to what it could have been if it stayed PS3 exclusive.

morganfell3966d ago

No we don't get an inferior version. Listen to what Square said. The 360 will get a version...which means a hacked down, chopped down, ubercompressed to fit on 2 DVDs version. That is the inferior version.

damrightfresh3966d ago

microsoft screwed all of us over...FF13 should be making it way to the ps3 but now we got to wait even long for the game..iim just happy they goin to take full advantage of the ps3 hardware and finsih the game before releasin on the ps3..

also infamous is going to blow people mind away..the trailers looks fun..

ISA_Scum3966d ago

DMC4, Burnout Paradise, Assassin's Creed....did those turn out like your FFXIII 360 version description? NO. Believe blindly what you want, we Sony gamers got screwed today and there's no nice way to spin it.

I hope White Knight Story gets a release date tomorrow worldwide simultaneous so I can buy that masterpiece and IGNORE A FINAL FANTASY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER just because of Square's ignorance as of late. Lies about exclusivity and recent shovelware have me shaking my head at them right now.

Ali_The_Brit3966d ago

well it kicks the living crap out of crackdown its obvious too see that just from this crappy video quality of a still in production game TRAILER. wow fail.

morganfell3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Did Ubisoft say anything about the PS3 getting a version when discussing Assassin' Creed? No. they didn't. Keep reacjing for straws there buddy.

Do you not understand the use of that word there? VERSION. Not the same game, a VERSION. No? Don't get it? Apparently not. Judas Priest it's elementary level comprehension. Otherwise they say it will also be coming to platform X and they are done with it. This is like when they say there will be a Wii version.

And with an Avatar like that, I wouldn't be mentioning getting screwed because it looks like you are being held down by the Village People.

ISA_Scum3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Okay, I'm not even going to try and reason with you. Come 2010, or whenever we see this game, this "version" will be EXACTLY THE SAME. As for AC, it WAS a PS3 exclusive at one point in dev, this I know.

As for "versions" look how Infinity Ward and company define the PS3 COD4 game. As a "version". Any interview for a multiplatform game does it. It's simple developer terminology designating a specific console make of a game.

But, think what you want to think, I'm not even going to try and argue from this point forward. We all know what it will be in the end....well, almost all of us.

EDIT: Dissing my Avatar is fine mate. As stated before in many other threads that's not me, rather a kid I don't exactly like who HATES the fact I use this on multiple message boards. Fun to irritate him.

cool83966d ago

with your new avatar outside games that use avatars.O wait!!you cant!!!!you can only look at them!!!!

RonDeMuerte3966d ago

hahahaha why are you two arguing??....neither of you are Xbots!!!

morganfell3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Reason? Foreign language, ey? Here. You are on ignore. Now you can make that painful I don't want this yes I do face all you want.

ISA_Scum3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

lol, okay there buddy. Ignore me all you want after I pretty much ended our little disagreement with one swift backhand of commonsense. Jesus some of us fanboys take denial to a whole new level.

EDIT: And I'm sorry, but did I spell "REASON" wrong? Foreign Language? Last time I checked reason was a pretty freaking commonly used english word.

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sonarus3966d ago

Can't see much but game is looking a lot better than i expected.

u got owned3966d ago

Well the quality of the video is pretty bad, but i guess its looking good.

mistertwoturbo3966d ago

Same here Sonarus, I didn't think it would look like that.

This game went from "maybe" to "wow" from a poor youtube quality trailer.

I have to see this trailer on my hdtv!

SUP3R3966d ago

The video quality is total crap
From what I could recognize it looked great.
Can't wait for direct feed footage later.

CaptainHowdy3966d ago

Looks better than Prototype...looks like Bourne Identity with powers.

jwatt3966d ago

The effects look really good!

SullyDrake3966d ago

Seriously, this could be big. That just looks plain old fun. I want now!

Doppy3966d ago

I expected the game to look good for a sandbox game, but this looks good for any type of game. I know Sucker Punch is a great developer, but they did a great job on this.

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GiantEnemyCrab3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Looks a lot like Prototype.

Crackdown kicks ass!

RonDeMuerte3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Enjoy your new Nickelodeon Xbox at video looked [email protected] awesome!!!.....and that was in bad youtube quality....

pizzas3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Holy crap. Wait I thought Sony's Press Conference starts tomorrow so how was this leaked?

JVIDICAN3966d ago

it aired on spike tv, its not a leak it was intentional ;)