Bandai Namco Celebrates the 20th Anniversary for the Tales Of Series

For fans of Bandai Namco and RPGs, the Tales Of - known by many simply as Tales - series likely stands up as a favourite; it all began with Tales of Phantasia on the Super Famicom in Japan, a title that would eventually grace a Nintendo system in the West through a Game Boy Advance re-release. As a series it's been prominent across Nintendo and Sony hardware, with re-make Tales of the Abyss being a relatively recent title for Nintendo fans on the 3DS.

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Relientk771519d ago

Happy 20 years

Can't wait for Tales of Zestiria, hopefully after this one they start making them on PS4

MegaRay1519d ago

After playing xillia 2, am confident Zestiria gonna rock. Though I never seen much about it.

Heres hoping tales of innocent R come to the west short after Zestiria.

Shame I "never" bought a tales of game day one. But that'll change with Zestiria. (And innocent R?)

Cloudberry1519d ago

This series battle system is addicting.