Bloodborne shipments delayed for some Amazon customers who preordered; compensation being offered

Amazon is offering compensation to customers who are reporting that the shipments have been delayed for their preordered copies of Bloodborne and Bloodborne Collector's Edition.

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oasdada1517d ago

Those who complained to the retailer’s customer service are getting store credits and/or a free month of Amazon Prime.

PoopsMcGee1517d ago

I didn't complain and I got $10 credit in my account.

Nitrowolf21517d ago

If you complain enough they might send it to you early then this bs delay. That's what happened with my friend said April 20th complained arrived next day lol

ceejaa1517d ago

Glad mine is on its way according to ups. :-)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1517d ago

I got super lucky I guess. preordered the CE feb 22nd, still arrived day of launch.

Scroticus1515d ago

At least Amazon is doing something for people. I'm still fighting with BestBuy. They finally shipped my CE yesterday morning. Ergh.