Why E3 2015 Will Be The Best We’ve Seen In Years

We’re only 3 months away from E3; the most iconic video game convention ever conceived and that will proceed to blow our minds sky high with behind the scenes previews of upcoming games and amazing reveals that will leave us talking for weeks to come! In preparation for the impending electronic entertainment expo, it’s time for ThisGenGaming to line-up all the video game industry’s heavy hitters and give a rundown on why this will be the best E3 for this next generation of gaming!

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Revolt131517d ago

Because Gears of War 4, for me.

KarmaV121517d ago

:') My body is not ready

NoctisPendragon1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Maybe some awsome for FF XV and KH III footage like at E3 2013 .

Sir_Simba1517d ago

Manage your expectations, then you wont be disapointed and look carefully not to rush to conclusion bcuz you didnt see 50 AAA. there some very innovative indie games out there and there will be a lot of them this E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.