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Bloodborne's finest moments is its first hour or so. That's not to say the rest of the game declines in standard, but the statement is rather an acknowledgement that the first tentative steps into this visionary experience is one of horrible, wonderful awe. No game setting has been so striking and evocative as this one, and nothing has been quite as effective in hooking me into an environment as when I emerged from the tiny building my character started her adventure in to be confronted by a violently setting sun casting a waning light over a dilapidated, broken city.

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greenmiker1519d ago

Another perfect score for this amazing game!

PiNkFaIrYbOi1519d ago

Seems that this game has been getting very good reviews thus far.

Travis37081519d ago

Man this game is awesome!

pivotplease1519d ago

Another amazing score. Dat 93 could be sticking around, but who knows what will happen when IGN and some others surface. Still so amazing for a From game. I'm happy for them. This could be their greatest success yet.

PowerPlayaaa1519d ago

Im with you on that.
Im so happy for the developers,Ive been a souls fan since the first demons souls. At last these guys getting the real recognition they truely deserve.
And Im so happy that this game is a commercial hit even though its an hardcore game. Well played sony and from software, well played :-)

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1519d ago

Yeah gotta watch out for IGN and especially Polygon.

dcj05241519d ago

Wait why? IGN reviewed the souls games very well

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