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The long awaited Bloodborne is out on PS4 and Justin got to spend some quality time with it last night on his Twitch. He will say from someone who is not a large fan of previous From Software titles he has enjoyed every moment so far. The first thing that he noticed that while it shares so many aspects of the Souls games in, Bloodborne is a whole new demon itself and feels like a new IP. He is not someone who enjoys playing the Souls game as much as the rest of them.

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Jedislayer2219d ago

loving every second of this game. it really bring a refreshing experience that differs from dark souls. Love From software! keep it up!

huckle2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

What an amazing game, happy that people love it.

Tex1172219d ago

Im curious to hear some opinions of those who hated the Souls games but love Bloodborne.

Don't get me wrong, the more the merrier! Glad FromSoftware is getting the attention they righfully deserve.

Grave2219d ago

My buddy who hated DS1 and DS2 is actually really enjoying Bloodborne. He says the faster gameplay and smoothness of the controls is what he is really liking.

jts18912219d ago

This actually encourages me somewhat. That was my biggest problem with the Souls series. I couldn't stand how clunky the controls could be.

Tripl3seis2219d ago

I'm about to beat father g God damn it the game is awesome

so19x2219d ago

This games amazing although I have died almost 20 times already!