Stefanie Joosten and Akio Otsuka were with Kojima in the recording booth today

Since the restructure of Konami and the disbanding of Kojima Productions we haven't heard much from any of the actual people working on the game. But now Stefanie Joosten, who plays Quiet in MGSV, and Akio Otsuka (Snake in the Japanese version) have provided an update via Twitter.

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WESKER20151517d ago

they really should have kept things quite concerning kojima and konami until the game was released, as soon as i found out kojima left konami i canceled my pre order, because i had a feeling kojima wasnt fully invested in metal gear solid V, my gut instinct was right i called it, something was up, and ground zeros showed that, metal gear solid is on every platform pretty much, i feel konami are trying to milk the franchise, boom!

the game should have been an exclusive to ps4 or exclusive to xbone/ps4 at least

Nyxus1517d ago

Kojima and his team are still working on this game, and they will continue to do so until it's finished.

Summons751517d ago

I don't think they meant for that to get released but we are in the age of the internet, keeping a secret is hard these days. I feel that Kojima was going to give a statement once MGSV released and bow out but something happened that cause Konami to go all anti-Kojima. Kojima said he is seeing the game through to the end, no need a cancel a pre-order over this. Devs retire, leave companies, get a change of scenery all the time no reason not to support the hundreds of people slaving over this game because it still will be an amazing game if Kojima has anything to say about it.

scark921517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )


Haru1517d ago

It should be next gen only PS4/Xbone/PC

Kurylo3d1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Why would it being an exclusive make a difference. It wouldnt have made the game any better. The game scales all the way from low end 360 ps3 to high end pc... adding graphics with a better rig.

I think someone plays into the whole console war thing a little too much instead of focusing on good games.

WESKER20151517d ago

i couldnt give a crap about the console war, you are mixing me up with someone else pal, i sense an average metal gear game in the making, and i think the rift between konami and kojima will have a negative effect on the final product, thats why i think he left, konami are gonna milk the franchise and he didnt want to be part of that, the game shouldnt be on 360/ps3, simple as that, time to move on from last gen and if konami cared about the quaity of the product they wouldnt be releasing the game on last gen systems thats the facts mate, they want money form an install base of 80 million plus, same goes for all the other last gen/new gen games, they are only holding their products back, i know people dont like being hit with truth but im sorry, i just cant sit back and not say anything, a game will never reach its full potential if last gen is still being developed for, i might change my mind when i see more promising gameplay but for now i am totally uninterested in metal gear solid V phantom pain

Kurylo3d1516d ago

Actually with todays engines... yea... it can reach its full potential unless your developing with dx11 / 12 in mind. And to be honest... it wont get that much better looking with those. So what your talkn about makes no sense. Your just ranting anti konami without a real argument. I agree with you though. Fu** konami. They do want to milk the franchise and im team kojima all the way. If your goign to tell me mgs5 graphcis look like crap because it works on xbox360... the pc version of ground zero says hi and says your wrong. lol..

Xman2K1517d ago

As much money as they pouring in it, you think they will limit to one console? I said before the Kojima Pro name has gotten bigger than Konami in gaming and that was a prob. Plus all the Hollywood money hideo has been spending, remember all the metal gear rising promos he did plus the platinum deal, I know they didn't clarify too much off that game

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chrissx1517d ago

I'm looking forward to awesome future Hideo Kojimas productions. I know he'l make great games

scark921517d ago

He now has more Freedom I reckon, I cannot wait to see what he can conjure up, good to look at the positive :)

Kurylo3d1517d ago

yea the guys over at konami are clearely fools. Kojimas name alone on any product would sell it. Even with no marketing whatsoever. I will not buy any metal gear game that has no kojima name attached to it. They just lost their money maker.. it wasnt the title.. it was that man.

WizzroSupreme1517d ago

Wonder if Kojima's going to be playable in MGS V...

mgszelda11517d ago

That would be awesome. I'm hoping he's a recruit

Kalebninja1517d ago

Well now they spoiled the quiet will talk :(