What I Learned During My Completion of Bloodborne

CraveOnline: "Having completed Bloodborne on Monday, I was one of the first people in the world to conquer the game. I learned a lot along the way, and decided that I would share some of this information in a dedicated post about what I learned."

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Mega241521d ago

there it is, someone complaining its short* funny part, DS2 took me 16 hours to complete, so idk how it took him 45 to complete.

fanboysmackdown1521d ago

You and the author both deserve a cookie, go ahead and take one, you earned it.

Retaliation1521d ago

Making hasty generalizations aren't we?

joab7771521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I play differently than most. I'm an mmo/rpg fan so I scour everything blindly, go back places, farm items etc.

So, I always have plenty of echoes, ammunition and items. And I love to kill everything on the way to the boss as a challenge.

Can't wait for ng+, but it will be awhile b/c I spent about 90 hrs on Dark Soul's before ng+, then it was quicker for ng+ and ng++.

I do dislike one thing as an avid rpg fan, and that's scouring for loot, upgrading weapons and armor etc.

But I do think there are probably many secrets he missed, and I believe much could be added.

But I do feel ot was streamlined quite a bit, adventure wise b/cc it was a huge Sony exvlusive.

JAM_brz1521d ago


Maybe (and most probably) it is something that I'll never get it.


Jedislayer1521d ago

so much brag in this article.

slate911521d ago

This game is truly next-gen. Me and my friend played it and took turns after we died. So insane especially with the graphics and combat being quick. I put it on the same level as the experience I had with the FF15 demo

MasterCornholio1521d ago

I watched someone do that via shareplay. It was very interesting to see.

ndrliang11521d ago

While the game is great, I really don't see it as "next-gen". It totally could have been done on the last Gen of consoles.

I know From Software probably don't have massive western budgets... but I wouldn't necessarily says it screams next gen

slate911521d ago

Idk man i mean those graphics look pretty impressive to me and something Ive yet to see on a console rpg. The lighting and effects from fighting the bosses and the designs of the levels are blowing me away. The animations and everything you can just tell it was built for this current gen

GMR_PR1521d ago

The game is one of the games I've played in a while but the graphics are nothing to brag about. It looks good just not The Order/Ryse good.

DemonSlayer4201521d ago

You're lost if you think it could run on Xbone. So much you obviously don't understand things like Draw Distance, Framerate, Vsync, etc. I bet 360 and PS3 can run Bloodborne, you're right /S

Yetter1521d ago

Its a fantastic game but I don't know why you consider it 'truly next-gen' Shaky framerate, muddy textures, bad AA, ridiculous long load times, and its really only a small iteration on previous souls games. There is no next gen leap here. Its just a great, new souls game. Nothing more, nothing less

1521d ago
Software_Lover1521d ago

........ Why is it next gen? It's a great game but it's something that we have seen before.

I haven't played a "next-gen" games yet. They are all just prettier versions of stuff we have played. SSO is a little different but I wouldn't even call that "next gen"

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klsky1521d ago

1. There are way more than 4 armor sets. Armors are more for a specific type of damage reduction, not a full-on upgrade.

2. That's not the true final boss.

3. Buying vials is way better than farming low levels enemies, especially if you are late into the game.

4. I agree with some of the bosses being easy, especially the late story bosses. The optional ones are a lot tougher.

ReesesPuffs1521d ago

3. I disagree. Where I'm at, vials cost 750 blood echos. It's much easier to just farm them off of villagers I can kill in one hit than be able to buy 20 of them with blood I could be using to level up with. The rest I agree with.

klsky1521d ago

You can literally farm 12-15k (depending on runes) echos in like a minute or two in the lecture building. This is of course, much later in the game which i'm referring to since he has the means to farm enemies that drop more echos. Warping to a low level area is just not efficient.

SpinalRemains1381521d ago


I'm 35 hours in and I have a total of 8 full sets of armor.

This guy didn't explore at all.

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