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Godz Kastro1306d ago

Could of at least listed the changes.

UltraNova1306d ago


Anyway, is it me or are we soon going to be consuming more time downloading updates rather than playing actually working games?

Ace_Pheonix1305d ago

PS4 does it all when I'm not playing anyways, so... no.

UltraNova1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Yeah I know I was talking in general, while I do like this auto-download thing my HDD drive is filling fast so I guess all these 2, 3 Gb 'updates' won't stay unnoticable for long now won't they?

NobleRed1306d ago

They better fix the 1.08 downgrade.

St01306d ago

I can't tell the difference, but it does seem smoother in a fully packed city online now though

N0TaB0T1306d ago

These downgrades are typically so miniscule they don't affect anything other than the smallest details.

Just wait for the PC version, if it's that much of a loss.

chilopirrin1306d ago

So, the patch 1.08 definetly downgrades the graphics??

lsujester1306d ago

Why? The framerate is much better, and the difference in visuals isn't noticeable unless you just stop and really stare at details.

jeromeface1306d ago

Actually its very noticeable.. you must not pay attention.

Khronikos1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Honestly, if you care at all about graphics get a damn PC. The console version of GTA5 is jaggy as hell with awful LODs. It is bad they made LODs even worse if that was even possible. OMG. They really should at LEAST fix that ftlog.

Start getting used to open world games looking like trash on a 400 dollar machine with off the shelf parts.

It's either that or they run like complete ass when they are last-gen games like this.

OpenGL1305d ago

If they're just going to downgrade the visuals, what was the point of re-buying the game on PS4? A lot of the new detail has been removed in the 1.08 update.

Sure the framerate is better now but there are noticeable differences in the visuals and they should at least give the player the option to choose the original visuals or improved framerate.

dantesparda1306d ago

I heard on Gaf that 1.09 only fixed the car deformation physics and not the POM/AF and other issues. But Rockstar is aware of it.


theXtReMe11306d ago

Good to know. I was playing today, for around 3 hours, doing nothing but walking around and looking at the visuals. The most glaring of issues, is the pop in and out of cars. It happens at about half the distance it used to and in a more random nature.

LOD draw is, easily, 1/4 of what it used to be. It draws just feet in front of you, whereas before it was about 10-15 feet. Also, there is pop in of certain high res textures, mainly on the larger metal power poles.

I also noticed quite a bit more aliasing at closer distances. There was aliasing before, but not to the extent it is now. The aliasing solution seems to do a great job with AA on closer objects, but drops off almost exactly where LOD ends.

Other than that, it still looks good with a fairly solid framerate.

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OpenGL1305d ago

Yep, they literally copied the one sentence of text from the PS4's "update history" section and made it an article.

Father__Merrin1306d ago

makes no difference, it's a great looking game anyway. games like this are best played on consoles anyway

starchild1306d ago

It's a great game on consoles, sure, but why do you say "games like this are best played on consoles"? All the past GTA games play great on PC.

Nwah1306d ago

What exactly makes it better to play on a console?

bloodybutcher1306d ago

Fact that HE plays them on consoles, i suppose xD

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