Viva Pinata Coins Landing On Ebay

Yesterday we reported, That a man was selling Pinata From Viva Pinata on ebay and today he is looking to cash in some more. I was actually checking his Pinata auctions when I noticed he has just put up a auction for the transfer of 100,000 coins from the game. The starting bid is the same as the price for the pinata 9.99 to bid and 14.99 to secure your coins. As mentioned before this defeats the purpose of the game and I encourage you not to buy this.

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MicroGamer4338d ago

where players are allowed to transfer data between each other, you will have people farming items and trying to sell them for real world money. The in game economies of Everquest and other online games are routinely ruined by farmers permanently camping certain areas, blocking others from content, and doing whatever they can even if it against the rules to prevent others from obtaining certain items during the normal course of play thus forcing them to buy from them because they have it and nobody else can get it. Players who do things like that should be banned for life.