Online Games in Japan Part 2: Of English Titans and Japanese Indies

Last time, we discussed the issues facing the Japanese online gamer. Of note, Japanese online gaming is so niche that the term MMORPG has very little meaning to your average online gamer, who tends to be more of a console shooter fan than PC playboys/girls.

In a culture that, according to Akiba MMO‘s CEO Keiko, essentially skipped the PC and jumped straight to mobile phones, having a big, bulky machine that’s primarily used at one’s place of work hardly seems like something that would have awesome games on it. Worse yet, because of the small market, few western companies translated their games into Japanese. No problem, right?

Japanese people must be able to speak English like the rest of the world despite being an island nation no where near an English speaking country…

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BC_Master_Haze1396d ago

They teach English in school there, language is not an issue.