Glitch Allows You To Stream Video Via Remote Play With Latest PS4 Update

A glitch caused by PS4 update 2.50 allows for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video to work through remote play.

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ThatMiamiGuy1522d ago

Useless for me since I can access all apps from any room I'm in with my Smart TV's and streaming devices.

Still, I guess it's useful for some people who may only have things like a Vita TV or Vita in one room and PS4 in another and they want to use other apps.

SoundGamer1522d ago

It will be useful to some and useless for others. I know sometimes I just want to lay in bed and watch something on Amazon through my Vita (dat OLED) but the Vita has no Amazon app, so this works for me!

SoapShoes1522d ago

Well I'm pretty sure it's useful if you're not at your house. I've often been on remote play and wanted to use some of the TV features of the PS4 but couldn't.

jonboi241522d ago

Wouldn't this just eat away at your bandwith?

ginsunuva1522d ago

If you're streaming inside your own home network, then yes it technically takes up bandwidth, but not the bandwidth going in/out of your home network, aka the bandwidth that matters.

Skate-AK1522d ago

You can sync it to your PS4 so it doesn't even use data. You can unplug your router,

ndrliang11522d ago

why isn't this a feature anyway? It is frustrating that the PSTV has little media function. this is probably easier for Sony to do that make a dedicated app

Gamer19821522d ago

This is good for Vita so it would make sense for Sony to keep this as an actual feature.. But they won't in fear of an exploit or something..

PANDAB1522d ago

The Vita already has its own Netflix app.

SoundGamer1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

It's not only about Netflix. That said, the Netflix app on Vita is terrible though. Sluggish and the UI is outdated. PS TV does not have a Netflix app either.

Phoenix761522d ago

There is no vita Netflix app in the UK sadly.

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