Celebrate Gaming with April’s Double Games with Gold Month

Xbox Wire: "You might think April’s the perfect time to joke around – but we have no intention of doing that here at Xbox. Instead, we want to take a moment to appreciate you, the Xbox gamer. Over the course of the Games with Gold program, more than 100 million games have been downloaded, with over 5 billion Gamerscore earned. That’s countless hours in the shoes of iconic heroes like Master Chief from Halo Reach, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 2, and many others all free with your Xbox Live Gold membership."

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Mikefizzled1518d ago

I cannot fault this lineup. :)

Septic1518d ago

Never heard of Child of Light before but watching the gameplay on YouTube, it looks amazing. Dunno how I missed it.

And the back catalogue groweth

Godz Kastro1518d ago


You seem to be up on your news. im pretty shocked it got by you as well. Some journalist called Child of Light their GOTY.

slappy5081518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I still gotta finish Rayman. But Child of Light was a game I seriously was hoping to be free. Ubisofts"indie style" games are quite good

Kurisu1518d ago

Child of Light is a great game! I'd recommend playing it if you get the chance. Beautiful art style, and a good turn based battle system.

lemoncake1518d ago

Child of light for me was one of the best games last year, really great game.

donthate1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

F' yeah!

Gears of War: Judgment is free :D

This should revive the online community a little. I loved Judgment with the faster pace style gaming and Overrun mode. Looking forward to Child of Light as well.

matt1391518d ago

It's a very very boring game.

Khajiit861518d ago

Its beautiful game, I highly recommend it.

darthv721518d ago

what timing... i just got GoW judgement from GS for $8... oh well. I know my son will be stoked with black flag on the 360.

guitarded771518d ago

Child of Light is awesome... except for I hit one glitch that didn't allow me to progress (really pissed me off, and I contacted Ubi with no response), but it really is a game worth playing.

mikeslemonade1518d ago

Been wanting Child of Light for a while. But PS Plus offerings gonna be some how better. They have won every month so far.

Pogmathoin1518d ago

What is it they have won? What is it? Super fanboy adoration award?

KiwiViper851518d ago

"Never heard of Child of Light before"


Kingthrash3601517d ago

Gwg has a great lineup for april.
Usually it's not much of a notable line up...April gwg is Imo their best line up I've seen.
I don't even own a x1 but I know quality games when I see them...and this line up is quality.

Really bro...u missed col? Really? That should cost you a bubble.... I ..but it's a quality rpg that had a little hype behind it. Hard to believe it went over your head as much time you spend on n4g.

Septic1517d ago


Yeah I'm surprised myself. I must have been blinded by all the 'glorious 1080p screenshots' articles or something. Will deffo download this.

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AngelicIceDiamond1518d ago

Meh, I mean its ok. Child Of Light I'll probably try out.

PONTIAC08G8GT1517d ago

Sorry, but Angelic is right. If you own a 360, you get Assassin Creed and GoW, two AAA games which is nice. But I'm tired of getting these indie/arcade games on the X1. Worms? That mexican side scrolling game? Chariot? When are they ever going to give you say, Dead Rising or Ryse? Some major titles.

Trust me, I am all for free stuff, but if someone gave me a free bag filled with dog crap, not really something I'd want. PS is getting Uncharted and all these major AAA titles, and X1 owners get treated to Strike Suit Zero and #IDARB. About the only quality game was Volgarr the Viking.

Bring on the disagree's

Automatic791518d ago

Fantastic lineup across the board both Xbox 360 and Xbox one.

Gamer19821518d ago

Damn good lineup would go out and say thats possibly there best one yet. Shame its a one off there giving this many games and giving around the same games Sony gives every month. They should do this amount every month to match and try and beat Sony to get some of those sales.

t-hall7851518d ago

Fuck yeah!!!! Almost bought Child of Light like 3 times. So glad i held out.

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VenomUK1518d ago

It's good that Microsoft are offering double the amount of games and I hope they make it a regular thing!

freshslicepizza1518d ago

this looks like the biggest month ever even comparing to any plus offerings for the month. microsoft is trying harder and thats good news to be fighting from behind.

MattyF1518d ago

Avoid Gears of War Judgment. Otherwise the lineup is pretty amazing for 360.

TheBrit1518d ago

GOWJ Is well worth the pickup. It might not be as good as the rest of the series in some peoples minds but it is a good game to play, especially for free.

MattyF1518d ago

It's worth it for free but the multiplayer is a disaster compared to Gears of War 3.

Kryptonite42O1518d ago

Ill pick it up strictly for the campaign

t-hall7851518d ago

free is free. never played it so i'll run through the campaign at least to be caught up on the story

thrust1518d ago

It's free lol why avoid it :/

Deadlead1518d ago

I personally enjoyed GOWJ's campaign and I'm a pretty big gears fan, loved the mini challenges incorporated throughout. But just about all my friends I gear with HATE it. With free being the price of admission, I'd say gotta atleast try it.

Sitdown1518d ago

Since it's free, and it's the only one I haven't played.... Don't think I will avoid it.

magiciandude1518d ago

I picked up a used 360 Elite a week ago to take advantage of my XBL Gold benefits, and the game will be worth a try. Even if it's the worst of the Gears franchise, It can't be that bad especially if it's free.

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MasterBaker1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Good month for Xbox one and xbox 360. :)

LilMassacre1518d ago

I agree! Especially for 360 owners, four GOOD free games this month for them. Good job MS.And i just got 12 months of gold too for $36. :>