New Xbox LIVE In Action

"Microsoft laid a megaton when they announced that Xbox LIVE, our beloved and cherised online community, will be going under a massive revamp over the next few months. Not only will this suit the casual gamer more (avatars = Mii ripoffs anyone?), but the new dashboard will boast better functionality and hopefully, a smoother interface. The blades were awesome, but let's be honest here: they were pretty slow. Anyway, here's a nice, long video of the dashboard in action from the press conference"

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hokiebonoz3965d ago

this is truly nex-gen now

giantchicken3965d ago

Looks much smoother. Much smoother.

MechaZain3965d ago

Netflix watching with friends? EPIC

Mc Fadge3965d ago

And America alone. I know Australia's bandwidth and internet speed are far too low for this :<

Nemphtis3965d ago

Finally group chat people, now I can avoid all the idiots.

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The story is too old to be commented.