Batman: Arkham Knight's Harley Quinn DLC Takes Place Before The Main Story

"Harley Quinn's story takes place before the main game in Arkham Knight."

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LarVanian1521d ago

Oh great, bae is now being used on N4G lol

scark921521d ago

Mentioned DLC before a games release is not attractive is it..

wannabe gamer1521d ago

pretty sure its something included in the game from the start but its a preorder bonus.

LAWSON721521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Thats even more attractive, I love me preorder DLC.

LA_Zeo1521d ago

That's cool game of the year for sure!!!

wannabe gamer1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

WHY did they change her face sooo much from all the previous games???? and why isnt anyone talking about it wtf is this the twilight zone and no one sees the drastic complete face swap they did to her.

Pastorfuzz1520d ago

Who is looking at her face anyway?

wannabe gamer1519d ago

well after everyone finds out that the joker lived and took harleys place with a sex change they will be wishing they looked closer.

BudokaiGamer1521d ago

I hate pre-order DLC and planned DLC.