Kid Arrested For Opening Game Boy Present Early

dont blame you for reading that headline again. We arent joking in a report at The Smoking Gun a 12 year-old boy was arrested in South Carolina for opening his Gameboy Early. I am sure there was a little more to the story but you have to be kidding me. This is outrageous and judging by the fact this is 2006 and her son is just now getting a Gameboy tells me he has been raised pretty tough anyway.

I cant wait to hear some comments on this

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PS360PCROCKS4360d ago

WHY is it their is so many biased unintelligent people on this site? People who think it's ok to stereotype Americans and refer to all of us as being stupid and redneck? I won't say much more on this subject but the ignorance of some of you is baffling to me. This is atleast the 4th time I have seen a comment like this one in the past few days. I'm sorry but if the best thing you have to do is sit around and worry about America and complain about us, well than my friends you need lives...when you stereotype all of us you stereotype me as well and I find that very ignorant and extremely rude. I can guarantee you me and my friends don't sit around worrying about what your respective countries are doing right/wrong...

calderra4359d ago

I'm an American.
And need I remind you that our justice system has awarded MILLIONS of dollars to people who say McDonald's forced them to get fat? Or the people who got paid millions because their coffee, which they wanted HOT and would have returned if it wasn't hot enough, sued because they spilled it on themselves and thus were burned?

Speaking of Hot Coffee, btw...

PS360PCROCKS4360d ago

Also, this is apparently a punishment, a odd one, but if a kid is acting like an idiot, I guess maybe he needs the discipline

kornbeaner4359d ago

this is way to far. You don't put your child in jail for this. You have to find a better way. Like "okay, you wanna open it early and not have any respect" "okay lets take a ride"
You take your child to the salvation army or an ophernage and make him/her donate the gift. "you can't wait to open somthing then now you gonna know what it feels like to have nothing to open christmas day" That's all. Jail is to much.

Plasmana4359d ago

From another article regarding the matter...

On Monday night, the mother said she didn't know what else to do but call the police in hopes it would be a wake-up call for her son.

The mother told police that the boy has a history of bad behavior, including shoplifting from stores and stealing money from her. The mother said he even punched a police officer last month and was arrested for disorderly conduct for it.

"I'm trying to get him some kind of help," she told the Rock Hill Herald.

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