Halo Online Trailer Shows Gameplay, Customization, and Remade Classic Maps

Halo Online had a surprise announcement yesterday leaving far more questions about the game than answers. The few things we knew about the game were that it was free to play, it was exclusive to PC, and, for now, it will only be available in Russia. That last part has upset some fans, many of which have been waiting for Halo to return to PC for a while. However, others speculated that the game would follow the path of Call of Duty Online and other free to play titles that have released only in markets with high levels of piracy, such as Russia. That is to say, that the game would not be extremely enjoyable for anyone that has played the regular game. Today’s announcement trailer can really be used on either side of the debate, as it shows off some interesting Halo 3-esque gameplay.

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StrayaKNT1518d ago

Actually looks really good, like REALLY good.

Naga1518d ago

I've never wanted to be Russian before.

Septic1518d ago


Well you clearly haven't seen the women n_n


Septic1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Wtf this looks sick!! WHy is this Russian only??

Those customisations are mad!

Nekroo911518d ago

Why do you want this?? Stop the video at 0:34 and pay attention, 72000 in game money or 285 coins for a battle riffle during 24h...really?!

And that's not customization option, because guns really affect the game.

Septic1518d ago

The maps looks great and the gameplay looks fun too. At the very least, I'd like to play thsoe maps on TMCC.

Also, the customisations and Spartan armour are really cool

1518d ago
Fireseed1518d ago

Its cause the F2P FPS market is to Russia, what the the F2P MOBA community is to Korea.

1518d ago
LAWSON721518d ago

Damn the Halo 3 engine looks good

spicelicka1518d ago

Goddamn I don't know what is with me but I can never get enough of halo. We just got 4 freaking games remastered last year, got a halo 5 beta, and halo 5 coming later this year.....and I STILL want this damn game! I don't care what it is, if it's out there I gotta have it. This and project contingency.

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The story is too old to be commented.