GTAV Next-Gen Received A Major Downgrade With 1.08

There's evidence that the latest GTAV Next-Gen patch (1.08) stealthily downgraded the game's graphics in multiple ways.

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LavaLampGoo1521d ago

Hopefully its a big in the patch... very cheeky though if its true!

PCGamingNoobs1521d ago

i've noticed a big improvement with frame rate to be honest, i imagine its for that reason especially online.

ill keep the smoother frame rate for gta rather than crisper visuals.

Palitera1521d ago

100% agreed. I wish more devs had these balls.

DarXyde1521d ago

See, visuals don't even have to be bad;it's only when developers aim for realism. Give it an artistic style and they likely wouldn't have these problems.

OrangePowerz1521d ago

They should at least give people the choice.

JasonChalker1521d ago

The framerate was just fine before the update

Gamer19821521d ago

I agree framerate more important as drops especially online can be the difference between life and death and looking at those shots there minor differences. Graphics still look amazing for the games and devs should realise we don't need flashy graphics we want amazing games that work and play well first and foremost. I mean look at GOTY 2 years ago was the walking dead that game certainly didn't win for graphics.

endi1231521d ago

Just no, a downgrade that's absurd

LordMaim1521d ago

Guess what. It's not a downgrade, it's a bug that will be patched.


MysticStrummer1521d ago

@Lord Maim - Too late. The idea of a downgrade has already taken hold.

NuggetsOfGod1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Everyone is missing their 28fps lol

More gfx please.

hay1521d ago

It's a "bug", it'll be fixed.

PudgeyBurrito1520d ago

Might just be looking at the Xbone version.

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SilentNegotiator1521d ago

With all of the graphical options, they had better add an option to revert to the last update's version of handling the graphics. Deciding this far in that players should want it this way instead of how it was before is pretty silly, especially since there really weren't that many complaints as far as I could tell, and I know I didn't have any.

elninels1521d ago

I was complaining about the frame rate online.

Crazyglues1521d ago

-There is no Downgrade in graphics /What happened was one feature in display was turned off by default.. Motion Blur..

So if you go to Settings / Display / Motion Blur - and turn it up all the way, everything will be back to normal..

NiteX1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

But that doesn't really make sense. Motion blur makes the image look worse not better. Well, worse to me I will say. The downgrade comparison I saw showed a complete removal of parallax occlusion which has nothing to do with motion blur.

Crazyglues1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

@ NiteX

Very good point, let me see how I can best explain this... This is going to be hard to explain / but lets see if I can..

The motion blur feature is not just motion blur it's called that, but it actually does a lot more then you would think, why? because of the way it works.. -Think about when you add a drop shadow to an image in adobe photoshop- it makes it look more 3D because now the image has a shadow and seems like it's floating or popping off the screen.

Quick explanation of Motion Blur - the motion blur is when you see a car moving in the game it has a slight blur to it, so it looks more like real life motion. / Like when you hold you hand up to your face and move your hand side to side, in real life you see your hand with a slight blur - that's how your eyes work.

when you take that off it takes away the blur and you see the car moving but no blur, so it does not look like real life, it's just completely clear no blur. /So now put your hand in front of your face and move side to side but this time turn your head with your hand, so when your hand moves to the right look to your right, follow your hand... -Now you get no blur, but your hand is moving. -that's motion blur off.

That's basically how it works, so same thing is happening in the game, if you take motion blur off it is like taking away some of the effects in Post Processing - in GTA V they are tied together, were in a PC they would be separate and you could go crazy, on consoles a lot of the effects are tied together, for a number of reasons / but the main reason is to keep a fluid experience as there is no need to turn up these features or adjust them because they are already maxed out for as high as your console can do without hitting a load error.

Meaning on my PC I can max out Crysis and play at 1920 by 1080p and max out everything and get a very slow playing game, were on your console it does not allow you to play the game higher then the system can handle.

So the other features are not things you can touch because there would be no need to because consoles are all the same, where a PC might have higher memory or a better graphics card so maybe you can handle more effects / so you are allowed to adjust them.

***Ok long story short -- Best way to see this is go to your garage in GTA V, walk up and down the middle of the garage - Then turn Motion Blur all the way up - (Now notice how the paint on your cars look better how the cars feel slightly bigger, how the middle of the garage feels wider... it's because all of these effects on console are tied to the Motion Blur)***

So if you feel like your game is looking downgraded, just turn the Motion Blur all the way back up, /it got turn off by default in the last update/ and it will be back to normal..

Hopefully this helps explain it.. just try it out and you will see the difference.. / It's not easy to explain in a comment but hopefully I explained it in a way that people can understand it better.

OhMyGandhi1521d ago

very cheeky indeed.
...and did anyone notice the flying cars in this pic?

Conzul1520d ago


They downright fabricated the Anisotropic Filter comparison by zooming in on the 1.08 screenshot. LOL, but people will fall for it anyway.

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StrayaKNT1521d ago

If this game was exclusive world war 3 would have started and all hell would have broke loose but it's a multiplat so nobody cares and everyone is still enjoying it like they should.

GameDev11521d ago

Well neogaf cares a lot as they have started a GTA v on pc , console getting downgrade war over there

But its funny how true your statement is

GMR_PR1521d ago

NeoGaf... that place could be worse than in here sometimes.


You are so on point with your comment.

vishmarx1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

this so much. no one noticed or truly cares because heists are too much fun to look away from and analyze graphics.
ofc , for anyone cares about graphics more than gameplay is free to delete the patch

though i kinda noticed the af

AliTheSnake11521d ago

Or because half the time you are starring at a loading screen.

Ginesis1521d ago

It's sad that you are completely correct @AussieGamer1

hesido1521d ago

Yeah, everybody should enjoy the game, but it's ridiculous to have it downgraded, especially if people were enjoying it anyway (if they are 'still' enjoying, means they were enjoying it before and no reason to downgrade graphics)

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Imp0ssibl31521d ago

That's very strange. I thought patches were suppose to improve stuff...

yezz1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Well it kind of did.. The game had pretty major frame drops when driving few of the biggest roads but I haven't noticed a single one of them with these new patches.

And since I had no clue about these downgrades until this article came out, I'm more than pleased with the fix.

If those frame drops would still exist with these slight downgrades, then I would be mad.