Assassin's Creed Chronicles : China might be the next AC game

Assassin's Creed Chronicles : China might be the next installment for AC games

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sikandar2012279d ago

Damn! page isn't translating into English! :(

cleft52279d ago

That does suck about the page not being in English. On another note, China would make a lot of sense for an AC Game setting. Considering all of the dynasties and wars happen, it is ripe to throw in some Templar/Assassin conflict.

IrisHeart2279d ago

Why not Japan? Birth of the ninjas. Jesus Christ Ubisoft...

TFJWM2279d ago

They already said they thought the idea of Japan was too "well-mined", I'm sure they will get there at some point thou

Snookies122279d ago

Hah, "well-mined"... Coming from the guys that churn out AC games left and right.

starchild2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

That's so stupid. I've never understood that claim. Feudal Japan is not a very common setting in games at all. The amount of even semi-authentic games dealing with Ninja and Samurai are even fewer.

They have an opportunity here and they just don't see it.

skulz72278d ago

Its been rumoured that the 2016 game will be set in Japan.

Lennoxb632279d ago

I thought the next game would be AC:Victory taking place in London.

scark922279d ago

Ubisoft seem to be great at forecasting, too bad they cannot forecast public uproar!

skulz72279d ago

They announced this last year. It originally was going to come with the season pass for ac unity but now it's a standalone. It's a downloadable title.

ScorpiusX2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Still free for those that got the season pass right.

jreeves822279d ago

I guess nobody remembers that ubisoft already said that it was going to be a side scrolling dlc for Assassin's Creed Unity.

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The story is too old to be commented.