3DSBlessed : 3D Out Run – Full Review

Cyburn writes : "Out Run is one of those games that was a must-play in the arcades back in the 1980s, a time when the arcade was -the- place to play the best games. Of course these days it is home alternatives which dominate in players’ hearts.

Since the 80s there have been many remakes and sequels of Out Run on a variety of consoles, but there were those who felt that they didn’t match to the original game. The original arcade had a 3D mode which, due to its technology, was extremely difficulty to replicate on the home consoles (though props to the Master System version for managing a version in conjunction with its SEGAScope 3D Glasses). For these reasons among others SEGA and M2, as part of their 3D Classics range, have added Outrun to their 3D re-masters list".

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