Sony announces 50GB Blu-ray Discs

Sony Australia has announced the arrival of 50GB Blu-ray Discs, offering more than 10 times the capacity of a DVD-R – or more than 10 hours of high definition video.

The new BNR50A recordable and BNE50A rewritable dual-layer discs are 1-2x speed compatible at 72 Mbps and use advanced Sony AccuCORE Technology to accurately store data and ensure compatibility with other drives and players. BD media is layered with a scratch-resistant coating and is made from highly reliable recording material, making it suitable for long term archival.

BNR50A 50GB Blu-ray Recordable Discs retail for $AU83.95 and are available now. BNE50A Blu-ray Re-writable Discs will retail for $AU104.95 and will be available in January 2007.

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MicroGamer4388d ago

What person trying to record their favorite television show is going to shell out that sort of money for a blank disc??

EnforcerOfTheTruth4387d ago

Buddy the prices will fall, it wasn't different with DVD.

dissectionalrr4387d ago

who really needs 50gb worth of crap on a disc? maybe for system backup or digital video production...

Arkham4387d ago

Who needs more than 640K of RAM?