Cities: Skylines Review - The Digital Fix

The tendency for people to create, cultivate and maintain something not out of necessity, but of desire is prevalent in many cultures: the Japanese bonsai tree, tenderly watered and pruned; Tibetan sand paintings, painstakingly filed down and designed in vibrant lines of fine powder. Here in the West we don’t really have a direct equivalent of these traditions, but I like to think one of the reasons the city-building genre has persisted is because there is some kind of parallel between these careful, spiritual actions and that of being a caretaker to a little virtual simulacrum of the urban world which we readily recognise, pruning and shaping it, watching it grow. A bonsai city, if you will.

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MrDead1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I needed a good new city sim game, I've been relying on Sim City 4 for the last 10 years to get my fix.

This game is so good and the way the mods have been implemented is fantastic, it's so quick and easy just click on the mod you want in the menu I want every game to implement this.