The Witcher 3 Preview - PAX East 2015 | NGN

The opening scene starts with Geralt soaking in a wooden bathtub. It’s quiet, serene, and soft - an all-too rare moment of peace for the White Wolf. While Geralt closes his eyes and relaxes a strange, scorpion-like creature slips into the water, pinching the unsuspecting Witcher. Geralt pulls the little monster from the water and tosses it on the floor while bantering with the sorceress who conjured the creature, sitting on a chair naked, save for the towel wrapped around her head. After a moment, the sorceress removes the towel and reveals her long, raven hair, indicating she is Yennefer, Geralt’s on-again-off-again lover from the novels. Geralt gets out of the tub and pulls on his clothes before exchanging a kiss with Yennefer - they must be “on-again” at the moment.

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starchild1517d ago

Another really positive preview. It does contain a lot of spoilers because it is basically a play by play of everything the writer experienced.