God of War: Ascension Ultimate Edition Free, Was… Sort Of

God of War: Ascension Ultimate Edition Glitch that turned it free, we explain whi it isn't.

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deadpoolio3161516d ago

Who gives a rats ass...All of the DLC was for a almost dead MP community, and even then when it was released the majority of it was already free except for the XP bonus stuff....Its not like anyone is missing anything not getting the ultimate edition of it..

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1516d ago

Who in the hell gives a crap about multiplayer on a God Of Ware game ? I don't even know how that works. Hopefully Sony Santa Monica Studio doesn't waste time with multiplayer craps for God Of War 4 and focuses on giving us another amazing Greek mythology experience

FunAndGun1516d ago

Ascention's MP is great! I still see friends on my PS3 list playing and the community was there even if you were not. Name one game that played anything like it last gen? It was such a nice change of pace from all the other MP games out there. Ascension and Warhawk were my MP highlights of last gen not counting FPS's.

GoW MP was brutal and FUN!

killer4fun531516d ago

It is true but they fixed it way too fast.i got it though.

Foraoise1516d ago

I got it but they removed it from my downloads.

Crazyglues1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

I really don't understand why they didn't remaster God Of War Ascension... shouldn't that be the one they do..? Since there going to be making GOW4

And Since it's the more recent, had multi-player.. I think people would more likely buy this one then GOW3

Or at-least I know I would..

FunAndGun1516d ago

I would buy a remastered Ascension on PS4 for the MP alone. In fact, I don't even need the SP.

sanosukegtr1231516d ago

i already got it i think. when i go on the page it says download to your ps3