Gamer 2.0: Too Human Hands On Impressions

Joshua Schwartzman of Gamer 2.0 writes: "From what we have played, Too Human is shaping up to be a steady and pleasurable action title. The story is engaging enough to have you hooked from the start and it's obvious with all the teases by Silicon Knights in the demo that there is a lot more for you to partake in when the full game arrives. A few minor fixes with the camera and targeting system should make this Norse-ridden action game the one to watch this holiday season."

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Gordii3968d ago

And what were they smoking?

Gamertag: GordiiX360

wicked3968d ago

Just played the demo and I liked it. Still a bit confused about the leveling up, but I guess that will come over time. 8.5/10 for the demo

allexx_23968d ago

It's not for everyone, so keep that in mind. I enjoyed the demo and its shaping up to be a good action RPG game for the 360. I also liked the art direction and story seems interesting. It's a game u have to judge for yourself and not what other's say. Happy Gaming!!!

AnthonyPerez3968d ago

It's definitely not for everyone though as someone else said. I trust my writer's opinion, but personally having played it I don't fully agree. It's fairly average to me. Nothing much to write home about.