Sony Introduces "Verified" PSN Accounts for Developers and Industry Professionals

Looks like today PlayStation isn’t just getting firmware update 2.50 “Yukimura” but also verified PlayStation Network accounts, or more precisely, select industry professionals will get them.

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Thatguy-3101519d ago

Don't see the point of this

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1519d ago

Yes. I don't either. There would be a reason for if there was some sort of community feature like Miiverse where devs and official people are shown with green labelled white check.

THC CELL1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

twitter and facebook do it and its a pretty good thing really

playstation heroes celebrities verified maybe?

workers verified

they should cheaters and hackers with a red x

NuggetsOfGod1519d ago

Hope those devs are ready to be annoyed with 1 million questions while trying to relax lol

If I was a dev I would opt out if possible lol

Somewhat cool though

LexHazard791519d ago

@Nuggets, that why we have online privacy settings.

rainslacker1519d ago


But twitter and facebook are social outlets where developers(or others) actively want to be followed. I can't imagine a developer would want every gamer trying to friend them for whatever reason on their PS4. PSN isn't a social feed like those sites, it's a gaming service platform, although it's obvious that Sony is trying to try to make it into a social feed.

I can see it's use on their forums, but I'd imagine most devs would want to remain anonymous in their gaming habits given how vitriolic people can get over some things.

The actual idea of it I don't take issue with...after all it's up to the dev to be verified. But the fact that it came with a system update seems a bit superfluous.

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Abriael1519d ago

It's pretty simple. Without this, anyone can get on the PSN and say "hey, I'm neil druckmann" and misrepresent a developer.

This way, it's much harder to do so. Of course, it's not a BIG thing, but it helps in avoiding people getting tricked.

WCxAlchemist1519d ago

I think Sony should try harder to stop hackers from hacking peoples accounts and they really should change there policies on refunding fully in cash not psn credit the money stolen from there accounts on Sonys "secured" network or lack there of.

But i guess this is a step in some sort of direction.

BitbyDeath1519d ago

@wcx, you might as well add solve world peace too. It ain't ever going to happen, hackers gonna hack no matter the system.

Solid_Penguin-641519d ago

@wcx from my understanding I believe that "hacking" is the unauthorised access and theft of data. This only occurred large scale with the PS hack in 2011. If you are referring to the more recent attacks, those were cases of DDoS in which were simply a spamming of the servers which brought them offline for a duration. The only way Sony could defend from it is to build a lot more servers, a very expensive process that will only lessen the impact, not remove the problem entirely.

So no, people's accounts have not been hacked since 2011 and measures have been put in place to prevent it happening again. It's just DDoS which is a pain in the ass...

johndoe112111519d ago


1. What the hell does any of that have to do with this article?

2. The US military and NASA have been hacked.

3. Your use of secured in inverted commas reeks of ignorance and a general lack of common sense.

4. I just wasted a minute and a half of my life replying to a troll.

rdgneoz31519d ago

Don't get tricked by people fishing for your information. And don't use the same info for multiple things that you care about.

Using the same user name and password for gaming sites or such won't really matter too much if one gets hacked (oh no, the guy who got my info can see my posts...), but using that same info for your bank account or site that you can buy stuff with might end up screwing you over. And try to make a password that is would take a while for someone to brute force or such.

Last thing, don't share your account info with friends you can't beat up irl if they buy something or just don't save your CC info.

Half the time the "hacks" are people game sharing and a friend buys stuff with their account, or they use the exact same user name / password across multiple sites and just wait for that little no name site to get hacked so that their CC info on another site can get used.

Thatguy-3101519d ago

How are there going to misrepresent if the platform which is xbox live and psn isn't a place where news is released? It's just a place where people play games. Twitter and Facebook is a place where people follow you expecting to read news that one will post so it's understandable why they have them there.

rainslacker1519d ago

LOL. Yeah because people believe when some random person says they're someone on the internet.

If any big dev came in here and said, "Im -insert big name here-" everyone would just laugh at them.

Since I imagine this is mostly for forum use I couldn't figure out why they'd roll it out with a system update, nor could I figure out why any big dev would want their private PSN account to be known to the gaming community at large. Maybe their business related one, but certainly not private.

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THC CELL1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

@dboyc310 yea such a waste of 0.3kb really a shame. playstation doomed at this rate and sony was on such a roll too, ah well better pack my pad im done

MRMagoo1231519d ago

I think you should have mentioned this was a sarcastic comment because looking at the downvotes some ppl assume you were being serious.

Fireseed1519d ago

From a security persepective it helps lower the amount of people tricked by "Hey I'm an admin and developer on X game. We're banning you unless you pay our fine."

Happens more than you think. Plus on top of that it'd be cool to find the ACTUAL dev of a game rather a dude named EdBoon56

Christopher1519d ago

Probably something Journalists asked for so as to distinguish themselves from everyone else. Especially now that streaming isn't limited to just Journalists.

rainslacker1519d ago

I really hope "journalist" don't get this verification. I really don't believe they need or deserve this sort of recognition.

I'm personally OK with devs having verified accounts because it does make sources more reliable, I just don't know why it would be rolled out on a system update when it's obviously a PSN thing, not a console thing, and will likely be used for forum use, and not on the consoles themselves.

Maybe there's something big coming that we don't know about though and this is just the precursor. So while it doesn't really matter to me, it does make me wonder their reasoning for it's release.

NecotheSergal1519d ago

Think of it like Youtube, Facebook, etc, 'Verified' just shows authentication that a person isn't just some random person, but a verified user of 'some' form of importance and the authenticity is genuine.

It'll likely be there for both Social integration measures, like for entertainers as well as game devs and staff so you can tell who's who and who's not. Scammers cannot pretend to be staff clearly who don't have a visible Verification/Verified icon by their name, similar to how it stands out on Youtube users.

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Shazz1519d ago

still not got update in uk yet, is it due today still

mushroomwig1519d ago

The update for the Playstation app is live but not the PS4 firmware itself. It is due any time now.

Shazz1519d ago

nice mate thank you for reply.

morganfell1519d ago

Just dropped here in the US about 15 minutes ago.

G20WLY1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I updated in the UK at about 10:30am.

Tested Remote Play with Loadout on my Xperia Z3 with D4 clipped on at 60fps - AWESOME! :)

zsquaresoff1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

The ps4 2.50 update is available in EU Psn. Its 245.2 mb in size. Pretty cool features.

Shokunin1519d ago

Neat! Like verified twitter accounts.

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