GameTrailers: Star Ocean: The Last Hope E3 2008: Trailer

The fourth and newest installment in the series comes exclusively to the Xbox 360.

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sonanus3967d ago

The 360 has the best games!

Real gamer 4 life3967d ago

its not exclusive or else wada would have said so in the e3 press conference.

TheXgamerLive3967d ago

The trailer only say's Xbox 360 at the end and the story oin N4g about 30 days ago said exclusive.

wolfehound223966d ago

True but there was a FF13 trailer that said only on PS3, and the way Square Enix's track record is I highly doubt this will be completely exclusive.

supergamer3967d ago

you mean timed exclusive

testerg353966d ago

What does it matter if its timed or not... the 360 will get a nice steady stream of jrpgs for a while.

360 man3966d ago

sonys done for they might aswell jus quit

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