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A truly wonderful open world game marred by stroppy camera angles.

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Trinityzn2491d ago

I have always liked the Final Fantasy games, can't wait to get my hands on this one.

KingKelloggTheWH2491d ago

Reviewing demos is a bit odd, but the score is about right, though I would of complained about the lack of a combo system. The game has a ton of issues as is. That's why we should be vocal about all the problems the game has, I want this FF to be great!

If you have impressions and want Square to hear them, leave them in this link-

They plan on sending it to Square soon.

BOBN4G2491d ago

There are a few technical issues regarding frame drops and so on but nothing I'm sure Square won't iron out. As for the combo system, its short lived because of the camera but the ability to combine attacks/weapons is pretty cool.

joab7772491d ago

I guess that if you are reviewing it as a final product. How do you even review a demo?

The points are valid, but its strange to see any finality like a number put on a changing product.

Anyway, I agree that we should be vocal and hopefully this isn't the last demo we get. I really think that as AAA games become fewer and fewer (at least successful ones) that it would benefit them to allow us to be part of its developmemt.

KingKelloggTheWH2491d ago

Tabata said we'll get another demo, I hope it plays a lot better! I have high hopes for the game so I am spreading this as much as possible.

Zsana_chann2491d ago

hopefully no demo we need the full game!

NoctisPendragon2491d ago

SE is going to make an official survey , you only need to save your demo code for later.

W0nderer2491d ago

I'm not convinced with this releasing games as they go process. I think I would rather just play the whole game.

KingKelloggTheWH2491d ago

Kinda miss the good ol days of just getting the games.

joab7772491d ago

I am the same way, but I live the idea of Devs today, allowing those who want to, to be part of the process. It helps develop a core fan base, keeps FF fans happy, and will probably deliver a better product.

I personally like to know as little as possible if I can, usually b/c it only frustrates me. Bit I've found in the few cases in which I have played early games, it never ruined the final product at all.

Jinryo2491d ago

I have a question - can you use summon inside cave location?

NoremacTheGamer2491d ago

Tried it myself and didn't get the option... Which makes sense in a way haha :P

NoctisPendragon2491d ago

Maybe every situations and conditions have 1 summon .
Wich would be great.

Jinryo2491d ago

Thanks. I want to try it out by myself, but I could not get 0 HP ;] They was recovering to fast.

I was curious, because we know how summon works and it could be some trouble in the cave to work for him properly ;]

Meryl2491d ago

I don't think 75/100 is justified, I would score it as follows
Graphics 9/10
beautiful graphics, even if it is sub 1080p. The world has day / night cycles and weather changes so it is realistic.
Gameplay 7/10
good gameplay which is fast paced and fun, with plenty of enemies lurking in the world, but ff15 suffers from framedrops when there is lots of enemies around, and the camera does not lock on to enemies and follow them.
Sound 9/10
The sound is of good quality.
Story 8/10
The story for the demo is not much, your car has broken down and you have to bounty hunt the behemoth to raise the funds needed to fix it. But what is good is it tells a story of a group of friends out on a journey, this they have done well and the characters seem to get on well with each other, helping out when one character has 0 hp.
Also there are points which you can go to talk to NPCs and there are shops which you can visit to buy stuff.
Overall 83/100
I really like the changes they have made, like airships in the sky flying and dropping off enemies. This ff feels so fresh compared to ff13, and still am enjoying the demo, if they sort out the framedrops and the camera then I will be more than happy.

Jinryo2491d ago

Unfortunately you can only listen to the NPC, not directly talk with them. I hope that's gonna change in full version.

KingKelloggTheWH2491d ago

I'd mark the gameplay down a bit lower, not much to it, combo isnt really anything, it just goes on by its self.

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